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    Default Damsels of DDO Episode 108 - Real Talk

    The Damsels are three lady gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online. The Damsels went back into the mines this week to finish what they started. They didn’t get much loot and the dwarves are still in the mine along with some crazy dark elves and a few other strange things. I’d say we accomplished not doing much of anything at all. Yay? Thanks so much for listening!

    Podcast 108 -

    Twitch video -

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    Excellent podcast as usual damsels.

    At the 41 minute mark you are talking about bravery bonus and how by turning it off you lose the xp. I always thought it was just the streak number accumulation that was turned off not the xp too.
    That means a good 2 or 3 years of not getting that xp and rxp in epics.
    Excuse my German but W T F.

    Since the ability to turn off Bravery Bonus, I have never left BB on in epics because a fair percentage of runs are running on EH or EN on raids - especially dailies or challenging raids. You can.not.check if BB is turned off outside of a quest so you must run to a guild ship or Hall of Heroes to even know if this important adjuster is on or off.

    Let's compare:
    Check if voices are on for +5%xp - check your hotbar
    Check to see if BB is on for +5-10% - run to all heck to talk to some dude to find out

    On top of that,there is You can check it, you can’t adjust it. Sometimes you don’t even find out the difficulty you are running until you reach the quest.

    For the sake of quality of life while enjoying the game, please, please, please, please could we at least get an indicator somewhere that tells us BB is turned off or on.
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