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    Lightbulb 80 Mimic Tokens! Wait, Where Did All The Cloaks Go...

    I've seen some complaints and suggestions elsewhere regarding the state of event vendors (I think it was a proposed guild ship room with all event vendors?) And have found myself in some similar straights. I can't comment on these and other suggestions, as I don't know what designing and implementing an entirely new guild ship room entails in terms of development (especially as this issue is pretty minor).

    Rather, I would ask that vendors stick around for a little while after the collection of whatever commodity has finished. We see this in things like the anniversary cakes, which don't spoil until months after the last slice is served. It seems perfectly logical to me that a vendor would stick around for a couple weeks after an event; the window for material collection should not determine the window for material trade.

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    Personally I only like the goo guard for the cloaks...

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