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    Post Daily PuG Raid: Schedule

    LFM goes up between 20:30-21:00 CET (2.30-3.00 pm EST).
    The LFM will say: "Daily PuG Raid".
    Refer to this schedule for info about raids.
    This is a PuG group. Difficulty will always be either LN or LH.
    We will never schedule more than 2 raids in a row.
    Performance will determine difficulty and number of raids.
    You can join with any decently geared character.

    Monday: Killing Time (KT)
    Tuesday: Strahd
    Wednesday: Baba + Project Nemesis
    Thursday: Killing Time
    Friday: Strahd + Legendary Shroud
    Saturday: Too Hot to Handle (THTH)
    Sunday: Baba + Project Nemesis

    Read up on the raids before joining the PuG group.
    This will answer your questions and speed up the raid, which means we will have more time for actual raiding!
    Baba: Detailed raid guide from
    Strahd: Detailed Strahd guide from
    Killing Time: Detailed guide for Killing Time on
    Project Nemesis: Ultra short text guide, Project Nemesis videos on YouTube
    Too Hot to Handle (text guide): Rough text guide
    Too Hot to Handle (video guide): Raid on normal difficulty

    A huge thanks to the people who work hard to provide us with all the info and intel on!

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    Great idea Walruss it, i have a real life now!!

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    Thank you Behoram.
    I'm trying to work out a guide for THTH. Can you help me? This is what I have worked out so far:

    - For LN-difficulty you must have at least 1500hp and the best items for your character from Raven Loft and Sharn expansion.
    - You must have the best fire absorb item you can find, e.g. Brand of Kalok Shash, Orcish Privateer's Boots or Firebreak and be able to cast Fire Shield: Cold.
    - This raid requires actual MMORP: a tank is needed and one or more healers are needed, preferably a FvS with healing wall. CC is also needed, preferably a bard, wizard or sorcerer with a high Enchant DC who can cast Otto's Sphere of Dancing.

    - Do not kill Forgewraiths next to each other.
    - Stand in a group when dpsing the boss in order for the healer to cast healing wall.

    - Entering the Forge there is a console in the middle of the room with 4 color-combinations. Each cornor of the console matches the color-code for the workbench in the corresponding corner on the elevated floor in the room, i.e. the upper right cornor on the console matches the color-code for the workbench on the elevated floor in the north eastern corner of the room. One or more players note down the color-code and pull the levers on the workbenches until the colors match the console and activate it.
    - Once the Forge is activated all the players need to jump down??? and start dpsing the boss.
    - When the boss says??? adds will spawn which the ranged dps and casters need to take care of immediately.
    - After having been dpsed down to ??? hp, the boss will disappear and Fanatics??? will spawn who will try to sacrifice themselves by running off the edge of the floor and into the lava. CC need to put Spheres of Dancing up on the spawn nodes in order to prevent them from sacrificing.
    - Fanatics will keep spawning until the Forge has been restarted, which means the players who punched in the color-codes to light up the Forge have to do it again - fast!
    - After the Forge has been restarted, the boss will reappear and needs to be dpsed. Dps group up like before to make it easy to heal and trash will spawn again when the boss says???.

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    I'm still doing ETRs, but I will join you whenever possible

    Regarding THTH, after the 'fix' it's really easy and fast, at least on lower difficulties.
    A very useful spell is sunburst, and control undead for floating skulls.
    Tronko - Ascendance - Orien

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    let's set a day to do it. anyway it's a fast raid, both for completion or for wipe.
    a lot of guys on cannith know how it works, so we have just to try it it, i have a real life now!!

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    I may pop in here and there if I'm around at the time, Wally

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    I've got a lot on my plate atm. If Daily PuG isn't up by 22:00 CET, please Behoram or Hassery, maybe one of you can put it up to keep it going?

    I'll be home again Monday, September 16. Until then someone else has to take care of the raids if you want to keep the tradition going.

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    I will be unable to attend the Daily PuG Raid on Wednesday 18 September and need someone else to host it, please.

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    Is this still going ?

    I've been looking for pug raids on Cannith, and don't see too many of them since Hardcore server came out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Finn42 View Post
    Is this still going ?

    I've been looking for pug raids on Cannith, and don't see too many of them since Hardcore server came out.
    Keep an eye on the lfm, we (KVP) usually host a raid night or two during the week, late night european time

    Skiantos, leader of KVP

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    Post Summer raids!

    Daily PuG-raid returns Monday 13 July to Friday 17 July.

    LFM goes up between 20.30-21.00 CET because I don't know when the kids will be sleeping.

    OP has been updated to reflect the latest changes.

    Hope to see you if you're raid ready! :-)


    Edit 13-07-2020 21:35 CET: Thank you to Vater, Meso, Finn, Godly, Spinnerts, Glaten, Lazy, Vic, Gral, Lijuh and Cim for an almost flawless LH run. Congrats to the two people who pulled a schism shard. See you tomorrow same time for more daily PuG raids.
    Edit 14-07-2020 21:47 CET: Thank you to Vic, Suna, Lhyrah, Forgia, Lazy, Warlyn, Tocht, Toni, Mymie, Apporo and Miahoo for a flawless run on LH. Congrats to Forgio with the new sword! :-)
    Edit 15-07-2020 22:29 CET: Thank you Eclipse, Vic, Glaten, Spinnerts, Xre, Erba, Lazy Jjnick, Tilo, Kinou, Tiny, Mpam, Buff, Masa, Nik and others for a quick and easy raid night. Congrats to Eclipse and Erb with the new items.
    Edit 16-07-2020 22:16 CET: Thank you Awa, Xre, Lij, Rig, Darth, Mnemo, Viri, Leej, Viets, Erba and Vater for a nice run. Congrats to Wal with the new staff.
    Edit 17-07-2020: Unable to attend.

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    Smile I've posted this all over Discord

    I can't wait for Friday!
    I miss My DDO... ):


    ^* Hallowood the Hermit *^
    The Silver Circle: First Officer

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