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    Default A Suggestion for Minimizing Future Nerfs

    Normally, when SSG introduces new races, classes, or enhancement trees, the new stuff is better/more powerful than what currently exists in game. This makes complete sense. If the stuff is not better/more powerful, nobody would purchase it and SSG would not make money. The problem is, when SSG introduces new stuff, it usually is MUCH better than what currently exists in game. SSG makes its money, but then it must nerf the new stuff at some point in order to restore game balance. Obviously this sucks for the players that purchased the new stuff. They purchased one thing, only to have it changed into something else after the inevitable nerf. Kind of like "bait and switch."

    Going forward, why not make the new races, classes, trees just a LITTLE better than the current content? Then you wont have to nerf the new stuff a year later, and players won't get upset.

    Just some thoughts. Happy New Year all !!

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    Inqui was pegged to where Mechanic and Shuricannon were performing. It wasnt "better" than current builds, it was just more accessible and good across a wider level range.

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    Slightly better equals less sales than really better. In order to peak out the sales, there needs to be a distinction between the two tiers of character power. 5% better for instance, is not better enough to sell it like hotcakes.

    Also, the demand for nerfs after each revamp/release serves to make that distinction (gap) even wider, between previous revamps/releases and current revamps/releases. If they undid every nerf and proxy nerf to paladin/bard/monk/fighter/barbarian etc...there would still be a clear distinction between whats currently being sold and previous benchmarks. Not being willing to wait to see what the future brings and demanding nerfs right now serves to move classes that were revamped to bring them up to par in the first place, back out of the META much more quickly.
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