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    Default Does Positive Spellpower affect PL feats?

    The holy book of Wiki seems silent on the subject (soon to be corrected, ahem), and I wanted to double check before doing some gear planning...

    Q) Does positive spellpower affect the Epic PL feat Fast Healing? ("Yes", correct???)

    The description says it uses "positive energy", but doesn't state what it scales on. If so, approx how much "extra" % would you get out of, say, +100 spellpower? (If "not", that's an easier calculation. )


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    As far as I've noticed, there is no impact from an increase of Positive Spell power on Fast Healing.

    From what I understand, the reason it says it uses Positive Energy for healing, is so that it's very clear you get healed via Positive Energy from the amount listed, and not Repair Energy, or Negative Energy, or any other type (auto conversion, like some potion sources do, or Lay On Hands where it auto converts between Positive and Repair). So it's the same as the effect from Mantle of the World Shaper, where you get 1 Positive Energy every 60 seconds really, except in a bigger amount.


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    Also, knowing what type of healing (Positive, Repair, or Negative, or other) would let you know what type of Recovery Amp you need to increase the amount you get. In this case, typical Positive Healing Amp is required to boost what you get from it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by J1NG View Post
    As far as I've noticed, there is no impact from an increase of Positive Spell power on Fast Healing.
    Same experience, no effect. You're not casting a spell (or a spell-like ability) so why would spell power matter? (Healing amplification, on the other hand, is helpful with Fast Healing.)

    It being Positive energy means things like being immune to it's effect if you have Improved Fortification or are under the effects of Bladesworn Transformation.

    For a different past life feat, Healing Word from Initiate of the Faith is affected by Positive spell power.
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    I always think of it as "if you're casting it, you get Positive Spellpower" and "if it's happening to you, you get Healamp" so a passive self-heal effect would just be Healamp. Like FB's T5 regeneration effect is the same, you get Healamp but not PSP (and it has MP scaling, but that's listed on the tooltip).

    Healing Word PL mentioned in this thread is different because you're casting a SLA basically - so you get PSP and the target gets Healamp.
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    Kinda unrelated but I wish Healing Word gave extra charges based on your CHA/WIS mod. 5/rest really doesnt do enough to justify a feat slot.

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