Hi folks,

Order of the Grail is a small Guild on the Argonessen Server I have recently 'usurped' from a real nice fella who set us up with the biggest boat and all the buffs before stepping away from the game for the time being.

There are perhaps 10-15 of us who are near daily players, and maybe just as many poking in less often. We have newbies, folks who have been playing for 10+ years and one returning player who apparently played back before the game went live officially back in 2006!

We don't have a strong group-play community at the moment - either folks are soloists (I'm a flower sniffer myself and often find the speed at which experienced player zerg through dungeons overwhelming), or they're grouping up with players outside the Guild. But we do have the biggest boat (Daedalean Kraken) with all the buffs a Level 53 guild can offer (except for XP - it's currently at 3% bonus but we'll upgrade to 4 at the end of this month).

New to the game? Interested in organizing some weekend group play dates/events? Just want buffs, banks, and crafting? And hey, we have guild chests with a regularly growing and changing library of scrolls and stock of wands and potions.

Send an in game message to either:

Smeartha (preferred - current Toon) or
Saleoson (My Toon listed as Guild Leader and I do check in on him several times a week)

We'd love to have ya'!

Keep on slayin'!