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  • Hi, I saw you posting about some free equipment.
    My characters name is Uluku Tiri.
    If you still have any of the following I could use it:
    • Bracers of Twisting Shade (both Heroic and Epic)
    • Elemental Fury
    • Treads of Falling Shadow
    • Intricate Field Optics
    • Manual of Stealthy Pilfering
    • Purple Dragon Shield
    • Shadowsight (both Heroic and Epic)
    • Shade’s Hood
    • Tortured Livewood Bow
    • Helm of the Blue Dragon
    • Guardian of the Liturgy
    • Gloves of Forgotten Craft
    • Death’s Locket
    • Spiked Boots
    If you have anything that you are tired of holding on to you can include that as well.
    I will share it with the other 5 people in our guild.
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