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  • Waiting on my slacking TR buddies before I can try out the new Dragon Lord. Saddan.

    Edit: Stopped waiting on slackers, now done with DL lives :p
    My main is now trying out the pally vanguard build from the forums. I put cards on the new stuff. Now he is even morerer ubererer than ever before:

    Curse of the unending song: +2 perform and +1 bard song
    Curse of major archery: +5 ranged power (got this twice on his gear set, very awesome)
    Curse of minor spellwork: +4 universal spellpower
    Curse of butterflies: Shiny... and featherfall
    Curse of the evoker: +1 evocation DCs (this one I also got twice)
    Curse of minor archery: +2 ranged power

    If I was reaper 11 ready last time... reaper 12? 13? :p
    Cards are the bestest ever. My pure thf kotc pally is now the mostest awesomest ever. So far his card bonuses are:

    Curse of minor archery: +2 ranged power
    Curse of minor mechanics: +1 disable device and open locks
    Curse of major archery: +5 ranged power
    Curse of the depths: Underwater action and +2 swim
    Curse of the enchanter: +1 enchantment DC

    I am now ready for reaper 11!
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