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  • Dark Apostate new gear set and filigrees all ready in the live game! Looking awesome, loving the rune arm and Dripping with Magma :)
    All that is missing are the dusts to do the second upgrade of the weapon: I got the goggles, just need a bit more free time to play :ROFLMAO:
    Just got the last few Dino bones I needed to give my Barbarian Ravager a new DPS set!
    Will try and get this done within the next few days, and update the thread + DDOBuilder files.

    It will be pretty close to what my Dark Hunter is already using, as my DPS builds will be using adjusted versions of my master DPS gear sets.
    Slowly udating all builds in my repository to include +1 Destiny Point from unlocking Machrotechnic.

    N.B. At this point in time, my builds will NOT include the +1 Universal Tree (Morgrave) bonus.
    Unfortunately, for those of us who actively play several alts, the
    Ultimate Bundle offering bank space that is useful to one character only is, frankly, not an offer that adequately supports and incentivises playing with alts. Storage is still a massive issue (particularly for multi-alt players like me), that I sadly feel is still not being addressed in a fair and efficient manner. Since the Ultimate Bundle does not support my playstyle, I sadly chose not to support the game in an ultimate manner on this occasion.

    Down the line, this tome will be acquired with DDO points (when I can combine double point sales + tome sale), and the builds that depend on universal trees will be the ones to receive suggestions on where to spend it first.
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    Hi Kalibano, I have yet to play a caster. What do you recommend as a first caster that isn't too clicky?
    I've been playing DDO since 2006. I have 23 active characters, and I play practically every class and race available in the game. I design my own builds fully from scratch, and my goal is to have fun! My favourite class is definitely Wizard. I also really like playing Paladins, Druids and Bards.

    If you would like to check some of my favourite tried-and-tested builds, come and visit my Build Repository
    Do you have a build model for a Half-Orc Barb? Mine seems to be ok, but the DPS doesn't really seem to be there.
    Hi @Scott,
    I'm afraid I don't, but I am very happy to share some thoughts. Hopefully it's helpful!

    If you are interested in going Ravager because of 'Visage of Terror', you can pretty much follow the build I posted here, just spend the racial points differently. There is less synergy with Constitution in Half-Orc, but there is some synergy from strikethrough and 'Improved Power Attack' (and if you have enough action points to spare, the T4 'Brutality' and 'Raging Crush' are very nice). You would not be restricted to using Greataxes only: the downside is having to invest in Strength as well (to-hit and damage), while having high CON for the Visage DCs.

    If Ravager is not a must for you, and you are just after a barbarian build that does good dps, then here are some brief points to consider for your build:
    - Main Barbarian tree: Frenzied Berzerker
    - Main stat: Strength (lots of synergy with HOrc/ make sure you pick up HOrc 'Power rage', Frenzied Berzerker's 'Power Rage', and use Primal scream)
    - Strikethrough: from HOrc, Frenzied and Fury of the Wild
    - Consider using Falchions, as they have an amazing inherent crit profile
    - Critical multiplier:
    > Frenzied Berzerker's C5 'Death Frenzy' and T5 'Focused Wrath',​
    > T5 Fury of Wild's 'Nature's Fury'​
    > the Epic feat Overwhelming critical​
    - Consider haste boost from Vistani, and if enough action points, go a bit deeper to grab C3 and T4 extra doublestrike (and potentially C4 to grab +1 to crit profile, since Barb doesn't grant that anywhere)
    - Try to pick up attacks that grant inherent +[W] when used: one to strongly consider is Ravager's 'Slaughter', granting +10[W]

    Hope these thoughts are useful. Just holler if you have any questions :)
    Thank you. Most of my action points have been spent in the Berserker Tree. Additionally, I have points in the Half-Orc tree: Orcish Fury, Orcish Strength, Orcish Weapon Training (t1- T3), Lock Bash, Great Weapon Aptitude, and ACtion Boost: Orcish Rage. Let me know your opinion here. I'm currently level 12
    If you don't have a lot of racial past lives yet, you should perhaps limit the points you spend on the Half-Orc tree. Perhaps the most desirable enhancement in that tree is strikethrough, since it's very rare, and can help do more damage by attacking extra mobs. Taking that will require 13 points in the racial tree, which is quite a bit. It's worth checking the below to see if it's worth taking now, as you can achieve that later (if you invest in racial TRs):
    Off the top of my head, I'd say the AP split could be something like:
    41 Frenzied Berzerker
    08 Vistani (as a minimum for haste boost, which seems to be regarded by many as better than Melee Power boosts e.g. Orcish rage)
    These seem like must-haves

    Possibly more in Vistani, up to 23 APs here to pick up C3 and T4 extra doublestrike and C4 +1 to crit profile, since Barb doesn't grant that anywhere
    If you go ravager, going up to T3 Slaughter (13 points) might be desirable
    You could, instead invest a bit on defenses in Occult Slayer
    Or take the HOrc points now, and after racial past lives are done, use the points in the class trees

    Hope these are useful suggestions
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    All builds have been moved to their own individual threads, as I had some reports that images were not always showing for some people (potentially because they were all on one page, and as it grew, it became heavier to load). Hope this has helped resolve those issues. All links are currently being updated: please let me know if you encounter issues.
    Barbarian build updated: cleaves and power attack changed to Precision and Weapon focus feats (extra Melee Power).
    Thanks for everyone's input on this.
    I dont Like gimps
    Am I missing something or doesnt precision mess up Barb rage?
    @Ronkoscatgirl Excellent catch, thanks for that! I believe you are right (i.e. precision cannot be used while raged), so I'll update the build to keep Power attack, but not the cleaves (weapon focusx2 instead). I'll also stick to only posting here what I have changed and tested in the game, to avoid incorrect info in future.
    All builds have been moved to their own individual threads, as I had some reports that images were not always showing for some people (potentially because they were all on one page, and as it grew, it became heavier to load). Hope this has helped resolve those issues. All links are currently being updated: please let me know if you encounter issues.
    Hi @MrDorak, thanks for the comment. Hope this answers your questions:
    1. Ref arcane spell failure: this build casts Divine spells only (and for the most part the ones that have no DCs at all because of Dark Apostate's T3 'Pray for Mercy' and Core 4's 'Enhanced Shadowform II': i.e. prayer, bless, curse, bane, doom), but also Divine Punishment and occasionally Searing Light. Indeed there are a handful of Warlock spells I have access to, but the ones I pick are mainly buffs.

    The other spells (mainly from Primal Avatar) are not affect by ASF. Overall, there are no issues with arcane spell failure at all.

    2. Ref the CHA bonus on googles and ring: I know it will be odd, but as I mentioned in a note the build above:
    (PS: Some of the choices I make ref gear cater to a much larger personal scheme/tetris where items need to get shared between several alts at endgame, where I normally play in reaper mode 6-10 skulls). In sum: the googles need CHA to share with another alt :)
    1. My question was more about the aura spell failure than the spells, because iirc, eldritch aura and eldritch burst are supposed to be affected by it, aren't they ? Or are you using them only for the defense boosts they provide and don't care about them going off sometimes ?
    2. Oh, that makes sense, I see, thanks :)
    I believe you are right ref ASF and the warlock aura, in the sense that it's supposed to be affected by failure. It doesn't seem to be the case, though, and perhaps this is a known bug to the Devs. Just to confirm that Eldritch burst is currently not being affected either by ASF.
    I use the aura mostly to proc extra imbue damage (thanks to Enlighted Spirit's T4 'Spiritual Retribution'). I do have a moderate amount of Light spellpower, so there is extra light damage as well from the blast itself (that has no save). The aura is very useful as well to proc the Epic feature 'Arcane Warrior', but I did not take it with this build, as I wanted more imbue die instead.
    I also invested moderately in fire spellpower (orb) for Divine Crusader's 'Consecration' / Primal Avatar's 'Reborn in Fire' / War Priest's 'Divine Vessel' and the Warlock Pact damage (despite its save). It all adds up.
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