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  • I lost my computer to a power surge from lousy weather. I sent it out for repairs. The problem is, my replacement computer can't handle Twitch. It feels wasteful to play without recording my experience, so I will put my gameplay on hold until I get a suitable gaming rig. #update #youtube
    If you have a stand, you could always Livestream it using your phone with the Twitch app. Just set in front of you, and stream the screen. Just an option, since it won't use your computer's resources, and they can hear you talk.
    Thanks for the suggestion. I use a basic flip phone for calling, but I'll keep that in mind.
    I got killed on HCL, 2x Famine Reaper took me out on the Butchers Path. I had two RP points accrued. #death #hardcore
    I finally hit level 20 on Hardcore, I'm also just 5 Favor away from 1750. #update #hardcore #permadeath
    I just got my Golden Footprints over on the Hardcore Server. Next goal is reaching level 20.
    I died in Hardcore during the Chronoscope quest on Elite. Abishai fireballs took me out.
    my Summer semester of college starts in a few days. I'll probably not have enough time to finish HC8.
    Running through Hardcore with my Blighcaster on Normal/Hard for that level 20 reward.
    Clearing Rare Encounters in #Barovia before leveling out of range. #2ndlife #gamegirlsgallery
    My starting stats for Grisellda's 2nd life as a Warforged Cleric are:
    STR: 18
    DEX: 8
    CON: 14
    INT: 10
    WIS: 12
    CHA: 12

    Feats: Two-Handed Fighting, Lord of Blades (Divine)

    I'll be relying on gear mostly to cover the weaker stats and shortcomings this life. My next life will be a lot easier.
    I just finished running the Barovia saga on Hard with Grisellda. I'll be heading over to Ataraxia next to do those level 10's, then I may swing back to Jungle of Khyber to grind out some EXP. #ddo #gamegirlsgallery #2ndlife
    I quite like the look and feel of these new forums. I am especially looking forward to engaging with the new features available. #DDO #Hello
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