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  • Liv's multibox madness during The Night Revels!

    I came from space...washed up on the shore of Korthos island. The inhabitants mistook me for white dragon flotsum and jetsum. I ran with it.

    Space is Deep

    My uniform was in rags. I had to start from scratch.

    Warrior On The Edge Of Time

    I found a sword. I call it Nightmare. It has me in it's grip.

    Elric the Enchanter

    I almost don't know who I am anymore. Although this planet contains a vast repository of majic, there isn't much technology. I had to adapt. I built an assault crossbow. I used majic and technology. I didn't want to be responsible for firearms here. The Nightmare is jealous. I can feel it. It's almost as good as a firearm.

    Needle Gun

    Fight. Survive and fight more. Still trapped on this Planet. I need to light a beacon. Find a way back.

    I'm caught in a nightmare.

    Star One
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