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  • Quick update for the Crafting alts. We finished the three House Cannith quests and made it to 50 favor!! Yay!
    A pic of our Arty jumping traps in Power Play:

    We had ground out 19 favor in some of the challenges and it turns out that we only needed to do the quests on Hard to earn exactly 50 favor! Double Yay!
    That was nice since we are Permadeath and going in at level 18 to I guess level 21 quests. We don't know them so we staggered about, did a lot of the optionals (the arty got a very nice set of boots too!), and were pretty sure that Elite would have wiped the group!

    But we lived and now have access to endless crafting Marks! And 10% crafting pots! Very exciting I know!

    Hope everyone that has a feast day this week enjoys their stuffed birds and what not!! 🦃 :)
    Questing update! Posting this a bit late but we did finish Giant Hold on our crafting alts!
    Last up was Tor and even with a few Thrall Champs (we did everything on elite), it was much easier than the Crucible!

    A shot of our Fighter charging a Thrall Champ...

    ...and the Giant's buddies rush in and you can see the Thrall just starting to fall from the fighter's trip!

    But really Tor was no problem for us at Elite so I helped in the Boss fight.

    We killed the dragons (see pic of me doing my thing, the mandatory post-dragon fight gold pile dance, while my friends, err, took 'care of the important stuff: The treasure!'), although I have never done anything with the few scales I have.

    So we are done with GH!

    Ha ha, they should offer additional tiers of Saga rewards for running everything on Reaper.
    Soooooo I calculate 3,628,800 more reward tiers (plus the existing 3 of course!) are needed.

    The plan is to go do the 19th level Cannth house quests to get to 50 House C favor. But maybe a few XP-earning quests before? I am not sure honestly.
    Although with the Christmas Hard Core re-run starting soon so who knows how far we make it before then?
    Anyway, have fun eveyone!
    Crucible Elite run done! Next we are off to fight Tor Dragons!!!
    (3 characters and 1 doggie; we are a 1st life 16th lvl Fighter, Arty, and Cleric (me!)).

    A picture of the Swim belt I made for my poorly-named Cleric(1).

    It has been awhile (ignoring my HC runs) and we all forgot that it was more than the maze and the swim! :D

    And that maze took us, 20+ minutes (but i learned that there is a chest in the maze! ). I know on HC it took the party maybe a 1-2 minute?

    We had a thrall or two pop up above the maze but the Arty blasted them pretty quickly. We never had two thralls at a time though. Thralls were never a problem on this run. Our lack of game knowledge was!

    All the other obstacles between the maze and swim we not a huge problem with only minor hiccups (e.g. on top of maze, say don't fall, and immediately the Arty falls. Normal stuff like that.) And it sure is nice to have the arty doggie around to open doors!!

    Anyway, when we finally made it to the swim (almost 2 hours in, so yeah, u can see why do don't group with other folks, haha!), in I went.

    But I died on the swim. Booooooo!!

    I made it all the way to the spiked wall before the room with the fan that stops before I died.

    Nasty spikes and current. I guessed low when the gap was high and splat! Reflexive heal burnt long ago, greater vigor stuff not good enough, and I forgot my force shield pots. Double Booooooo!!!

    But all is not lost as we have our own death rules!

    You can be raised by a party member (for a total number of times equal to your # of original Con points) only if the soul stone can be physically recovered by a living party member. So we are not super-extreme perm-death but no ghost raises, only if you can get the body (soul stone) back.

    And I "knew" from errr....no actual source....that my soul stone would wash back up on the shore where the party members where and they could raise me! I could try again or, more likely, the fighter (a swimmer & has done it before) do it! Ha Ha, I am so smart!!!

    So No Worries! And they are teasing me and I do a little ghost scouting before my soul gets washed back you see, and we chat a bit longer. And longer....

    I think maybe the swim in House 12 might bring your stone back; maybe that is where i got the idea of soul stone getting washed back.

    So yeah, my soul stone stays stubbornly stationary.

    To cut down very long story into only long; rescue party happens (with much cursing and why did we not do Hard?), and we even find that gold key.

    But we do not find any hint of a secret door etc. so that remains a mystery and an offhand PUG HC rumor about super awesome loot in that chest it's but "...not worth dying for on HC so wait for the swimmer". Makes me very curious.

    The we DD'ed out, beat up the champs, and finished the quest!

    We got one named falchion out of the run. Although we did get an elite jeweled cloak and some other stuff in other GH quests so not too bad I guess.

    Next up is Tor! The on to level 19 House Cannith quests. Which we hope will be a faster route to 50 House Cannith favor than the challenge slog (we remain at 19 total stars). I did those quests on HC 5 but just once, at speed, in a HC party so I don't know them at all. Should be fun!

    That is it! Hope everyone is having fun! Mind the Thralls and Mind Eaters!!!

    (1) Coming soon! My clear & concise 5,462 word, all-cap, single paragraph, no punctuation explanation
    why me and my 303 member guild (all twenty-year VIPs!), will all be quitting the game forever unless
    SSG allows capitalization for all letters in Character's first names!!
    "But I died on the swim" ... You need dodge for traps or Resist for Elemental (usually sonic) damage.
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    Night Revels Broom of Fire in combat action!! You can summon all the Flame Spheres at once!! Hahahahahaha!

    That is Tharashk Arena (elite).

    Cannith Challange update: We stand at 19 favor, sigh. It would be easier with hires I am sure!
    Update! I finished running heroic Saltmarsh with two friends. They had never done it before (and Ive only done it on HC so don't know it!) so we made it a challenge!

    We rolled up 28pt characters on a new world with no stored loot. We used starting gear only, so no hires, no dice rolls, no guilds, no AH or buying stuff(except heal potions, free bags, quivers, ammo, components, thief tool). We did a harbor quest (ringleader) and then off to the marshes!

    We were a rogue, a alchemist and a wizard (me!).

    It was grand fun! We died a lot but our first run we managed to do 2 on elite and rest on Hard. Then we did it again and were 6th level by the end. It was more fun than I expected scrounging for gear and such. I could not even afford a healing kits at first! And I was complaining to group about that and also scraping up gold for ammo etc in general chat instead of party chat window....and someone kindly offered to give me 100,000 PP to shut up! Lol, not really the "shut up" part, really they kindly offered to give 100K to me and I had to explain, no thanks, sorry etc. The "shut up" version is a better story though.

    I do know the marsh much better now and should feel a lot better about it in next HC I play in!

    Anyway, now we are back on the home server, learning Cannith challenges (oh dear god), doing the Night Revels and starting Giant Hold! It is our 2nd life characters (we play very slowly).

    And now the update it over! Yay!
    Nice! Youtube has some great videos about the Cannith Challenges.
    Oh thank you! Of course there must be videos of those too online, ha ha. We are trying to learn them without resorting to guides.
    But if we fail and start to rage to hard, well, thanks for the tip!
    Rats, it looks like I will have to go do real life stuff instead of play HC8.

    Oh well, no 5K+ attempt for me now which I hoped would sneak me on the Leaderboard this season (since no 5K reward). I have a decent base with everything 6th and under Elited. Most of the 7s done except Dino land (which I just got) soooo instead of spoiling that with HC8 speed-runners, I guess I will do that blind with my static group on a regular server.

    I got the gold eyes but now I hope to just run for the the rest of the 7-piece treasure reward and dash to level 20.

    And now you have been informed about the very VERY important plans of the Mighty Rathy! :)
    Oh neat, profile posts! Well, I cracked 1750 on HC8 today at level 8 when running some Sorrowdusk! My eyes now glow golden!
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