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  • HC9 update. Our 3-person Static group crossed 1250 favor!!!
    So Fancy Hats, tasty medals, and pictures of it all were worn, eaten, and taken--which I'll spare you!

    This accomplishment is a big win for our HC group since we are a fine definition of slow-pokey play!
    With an all-breakables-shall-die, get-all-collectables, and such, play-style combined with our incomplete game knowledge; well hey
    earning anything in this group is grand fun for us! Perhaps in some objective sort of way, getting the hat is not quite as impressive as say doing a HC elite Ascension Chamber raid with two people ;) but such things did not put a damper on our celebrations!

    Anyway, we are at level 13 with less than half the required XP to get to level 20 (our other goal). Will we make it? We shall see!

    My Pug character is level 19 with a single life left. He is at 4900+ fav and probably has finally fallen off the favor board by now. Hmmm, I'll have to look but I think the highest favor I have earned in any HC was 5600+.

    Hopefully I take gear pics so I can see his final stuff. I don't plan to play any after I hit level 20. I simply don't know the quests at this point.

    I plan to plink away to cross 5000 for the book etc. for wherever I send him. Unless I die of course!
    Basically, I'm running solo the various remaining 15-19 levels here and there to learn them a bit. Like I did the Riddle (level 19) on Hard to learn the paths. The few times I have done it (HC only), we always DD at 'fast' speed so I never knew the actual way but now I do!

    Sadly my actual gaming time outside my static grps is a bit limited but HC9 runs until Feb 7 but I do think I'll hit the modest goals.

    Luck to anyone who wants it!!!
    HC9 Update. Gear at 16th level.

    Just a snapshot:

    I'm 18th level now. I just needed to equip a ghost touch item to do The cursed Crypt. Haha, I am such a very good player! ;)

    I now just need one 14th level to advance but I died (again!) last weekend in a mirror trap in the Mines of Teth! Booooo! But honestly, my lack of game knowledge is what normally gets me killed at higher heroic! I mean the higher level traps tend to be my doom on HC seasons since I am an over-eager melee. But it ended well as the party raised me and we finished. Now the game gets risky again with no extra lives!

    I've had plenty of adventures on the way to my doom, of course! Like when I was the only survivor out of an almost party wipe in the Capstone in the Madness chain (the one with the big mindflayer at the end)! I even got to see someone pull a Cursed card cleanser!!! That made the player happier about his character's HC death in Madness (he had extra lives still).

    So anyway, I'm down to my last life. I dunno what I what to do really. Do I just take level 20 (I'm capped XP-wise) and get a fancy cloak? Do I run to at least 5K favor (I'm at 4,800+)? Who knows!

    My static groups continue every onward! No deaths yet and I feel confident we will make 1250 fav no sweat (we broke 1K so far) and maybe rush to level 20. We shall see!

    We did the new 4th level one on elite (blind for them, I ran once solo on my pug guy) and I took lots of pics!

    Still having fun on HC! Hope all are enjoying the new year!!
    HC9 Update. I'm stuck at level 16 with only the Cursed Crypt to do! And I can't get it done. You can't kill more than 4 Flame Folks and that is where I am really failing. And of course, it's a flagged quest so I suppose it is not that odd I can't seem to find a group.

    So I try solo time! Just on Normal so I can finish my necklace (which I have never actually done)! Yesterday, I gave up after a very painful hour where I learned that no-one fails their flesh to stone cookies, my hire is a cheerful murderess, and that sunflasks do very little against these vampires.

    I give up and got to run the very fun Kobold in a Cube (creeping doom) quest! And some other ones, like the Cogs (of course I got lost in the one with the tubes). The PUG was fun and the run was fun. Even the short lava waterfall ride was fun as I don't get to see that often (like once or twice) but I'll spare you the pictures!

    I ended the day getting to EveningStar with a lovely group! They had trappers and buffers and everything like a real party! No trap jumping for us!

    Today I tried the Cursed crypt again. And failed again! Repeatedly. Although I can make it to the upper floor now. It's trappy! After awhile, I gave up again. Sigh, I might have to put up a PUG and lead a party to their doom. If they assume I know it of course which is reasonable if I'm the star.

    After I gave up again, not many people were online, but a person was starting the Evening Star Prison chain and that wilderness I get lost in (to no one's surprise) so why not? I manage to make it to the first one just as he finishes and we do the rest of the chain with others joining in.

    It is a very zergy party each quest with everyone spread out, with lots of yellow, orange,red alerts. And I don't know the quest entrances' locations, so much stress in-between quests. I never make it to one before they finish (in the high road) so more embarrassment for me in a pug even with people typing in names and such. Not until some said the click the cow cart did i find it. I am horrid at this game but what else is new? But we end the day with the sad death of the Star (the original guy) who died in End of the Road to a withering spell on the way to the boss. He was a very good player but I think the zerg overwhelmed him in the end (and the failed save too of course!).

    But we rallied (Yay for the Druid!) and finished and then group falls apart and no storm horns for me! Still it was a lot more fun than that stupid Cursed Crypt!

    I end up with a little over 4500 favor and so am (briefly) on the Leader Board!!! Hahahha! I think I am the only16th level up there at this time too! You bet I took a pic!

    Anyway, I took pics of all my equipped gear at this point (it is still a hodgepodge mess) and will post it later for my amusement.

    With luck I will stumble into a Crypt group this weekend sometime and can actually level. Or Star myself and lead others to their deaths. We shall see!

    Hope all is happy with everyone else who is playing the game (oh heck, even if you are not!)!
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    Gotta give you kudos for trying to get #k favor, or whatever it takes to get something from HC ;)
    HC9 update: I finished the Red Dragon raid and took level 15!

    Of course, of course, I borked my Sat attempt! I mean, we finished the pre-raid and I was taking pictures as one does and then I was alone.

    So I recalled. :eek:

    And thus got locked out of the raid! Sigh. Another embarrassing moment by me in a pug! I'm such a tourist. But someone did take the time to kindly tell me that I was still flagged at least! So groan, I hung around on Sunday running a few quests and finally got into a raid group! Finally, medals for all!

    Anyway, Happy New Year Everyone!!!
    HC9 update: I'm level 14 now with all my 10s done except for the raids. I pulled the teleport clicky in that awkward set of quests (The floating Monkey Islands which is NOT their real name)), but I don't need it as I am a human with a teleport mark! So there is one very happy dwarf fighter out there after his 99 roll on the 1d100 roll wins the day!!!

    I did forgot about the other raid, Titan one, at 10th level. I tried to join one but don't know who gives or where it is, so lol, no they started quick so I dropped. But I bet there is a Dragon Raid this weekend! Then i can take 15.

    I upgraded my armor (briefly to Vambraces of Light from Wiz King) but now to the very nice Bravrian Lord Plate Mail!! I tried the last chain (the first two) on Reaper Skull1 cause they said the chances of pulling named are higher than on elite but I got nothing. Even with three re-rolls on the end chest! Groan, but I have a reaper point now with 1K xp, wheeee (dont tell my guild!). But when I re-ran that chain on elite (to finish the chain with a group) someone pulled it and passed! Success and cookies (I mean medals) all around!!

    Also, our little guild is up to level 30 (I dumped the GH and RL sagas into it and that helped!).

    Off to my static groups! Have a Happy New Year Everyone!

    A bad pic of a dead 1000 Tooth! (from a very slow static group)

    HC9 Character snapshot! At Level 13 with 3006 favor and 1.2 million XP.

    1. Pics taken with DS guild buffs (Yay for DS ship buff invites!) but I am in a small guild ( "the knights who say NI!") who hopefully won't kick me out over my holiday inactivity! I do hope to pop in, with fingers-crossed, for a Von 3 and 4, but no luck so far. I only jump on for a few mins or so to check during the height of the holidays so who knows! Also my guild is not one of the big guilds but it is much more active than the other sleepy guilds I get invited to! I did hide my name in pics in case they would not want to be associated with me etc. etc.
    2. I bought the swiftness augment from the store. I used rems for the +5 diamond and pulled the few others I have! No wait, I bought the FF one too.
    3.The pics themselves are a visual mess, sorry. I will figure out a better way! But at least I have this snapshot.
    4. Any feedback would be great from the presentation to the content! But no worries if no time or desire, hahaha, I can relate!

    Have a Happy Hardcore!

    Stats pic and then the gear pic!

    HC9 Update! Monday morning I broke 3K favor (at 3006) and earned 1.2 million XP for the freebie 2nd life! Thank you monster manuals!
    And yes, sadly I am still level 13 although at least I did get the Neco 2 Capstone done! Just need Von 3 and 4.....

    That's it! I post a Horse Pic but everyone has already seen vastly better pics than anything I can take! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The rest below is just rambling, happy, babble!

    Honestly, Monday when I logged on, I planned to just to go solo doing normals and hards until level 20. I only needed 165 favor to get to 3K after all! You know, a practical game-theory-proper path.

    But I peeked at the LFM panel and there someone was wanting to go to the resort Island (Ataraxia easy-peasy), then after that Raven Loft 2 chain for loots (I got nothing from that whole chain, grump grump), then I just missed a Von group but I found a Nec 2 group (I have DD, I'm helping! And I learn a tiny bit more of the maze!), then something I forget, and then I jumped into a Desert group!

    Fittingly I got lost on the way to the 2nd quest ent (I lag spiked on a jump and ended at the bottom of a caynon alone). The mystery abbreviation "oob" was my only clue from the party chat (maybe calling me a "noob" and just mispelling hahaha!), so I flailed about a bit, then gave up and dropped party. But I should note when I told group I get lost easly so have to follow in the wilderness to find quest doors, the star did give the best direction advice ever that for the first quest and I now know how to get to that one easy as pie! 'Just Keep left' hahahahaha! Brilliant! No one ever ever told me that.

    Anyway, after that normal-for-me, generally disastrous, PUG interaction, I soloed the 10th level quest in the desert (on hard wheeee, yes I was a chicken as I was just 6 fav away!), claimed my horse (no more feather grinding for me), and pop back to the Portable Hole for medals, commedations, and drinks! Well, in real life I had hot coco and toast with a tasty gob of sweet orange marmalade but that's basically the same!

    So I've hit my HC9 goals and plan to be just playing in my two sleepy static groups. One which is now on a break until Dec 30! But no worries we have started Saltmarsh and are having a blast. It is the little things in these group that I adore, like when we pulled the tower shield in the wilderness and our sword/board fighter was estatic (he has never seen the loot b4 and it is a pretty cool looking shield too)! Everyone is still broke in those groups, etc. etc.

    With my Pugging Level 13 character I am not sure what I will do. I will do Von 3 and 4 eventually just for honors sake and I want to do the Dragon raid again. Then I dunno. Maybe I'll roll up some new guys and send them into the low level suicide reaper runs!!! Ha ha, i have lots of cool low level gear so maybe it would be fun for a few deaths!

    I would like to send my higher level through some of the fun quests like the Kobold in the Cube one in the Vale, I mentioned the Big Beholder one , there is one where at the end you have to jump off a falling mountain I have only done once, etc. etc. But I am not sure I will have the time. My gear is has some pretty big weaknesses (level 7 fens gear, level 9 armor, decent weapons though and some good items like trinket) that I need to fix if I wanted to be survivable (and useful to a group). Maybe I will post my current gear vs my upgraded gear whenever I do it, that might be fun.

    Hope everyone playing on HC is enjoying themselves however they play!
    HC9 update.: I started at 13th level Sunday needing three 9th quests: Von 3, 4 and the Necro II Capstone. Surely a bunch of LFMs for those quests, right?

    Probably there were but nooooooo, I decide to go do everything BUT those three quests so I am still level 13 but now with 2800+ favor. I did GH, the first chain of RL, Dragons, Grim, Illusionist, etc. etc. etc.

    It was grand fun as I got to run some I never get to do except on HC like Invaders!

    In that one at least, I managed to get at least 1 clean stun on a Beholder and maybe another (but another melee was there so maybe he stunned at same time and it was his so I dunno). I went sword and board as I just rushed beholders and grabbed agro. We lived and I got another cool axe out of it!

    I screen-shotted some action and such but I don't know if they want their names public (and associated with me even if just a pug!) so I hid the names.
    Here is the XP table

    Edit: Oh the time was like 6 mins to do.

    But then we ran the Archons' chain and I DIED!!! To the whirling Blades in the 2nd one in the chain! Because I'm an idiot and was bouning around trying to be useful as a melee instead of ranging. Oh well....I forget quest details and get excited. So I used my free life and now am down to 1! Unless i earn another one at level 16 I think. Kind of silly to be running so under level! I could have soloed Von 3 and 4 (not Necro 2 haha no), just take forever, but no, I run off to have fun instead.

    We finished the Archon chain with me rather subdued and then we did one of the Coin Lord Plaze chains. The blowup the boats chain. But I got confused because I had not done the 1st part of that chain so the NPC interactions where all wonky*. Add to that the quest enters are in odd places and so I started to get my horrid flashbacks to season 1 where I did not know where anything past level 12 was located! Endless trying to find parties and joining groups and then mostly having to simply drop 'casue no idea where they were. Of course there were plenty of great people & pugs, enough to keep me alive at least way back then!

    Anyway, I was sort-of stressed and pretty confused as to why the quest giving NPCs wouldn't work right*. So I decided take a break & to just pike the boats quest.
    The party didn't say anything as I jus sat on the raft so i guess they did nto mind. But I got back into the swing of things a bit (and then into trouble in another one, got lost, and DD out of trouble) and was sort-of useful again.

    After i (hahaha, well the group) finished that chain, I stopped having made absoultly zero progress on my nines.

    Well, I hope to at least live long enough to do the quest again where you build a flying ship out of furniture and get swollowed by a giant Beholder!

    Stay safe everyone! Or at least safer than me!!

    *They are working fine. The error was located with the user!
    HC9: Finally finished my sixes! I got 2200+ favors before I leveled.
    Because I'd log on and, no, not any of the few odd I need but hey, Slavers chain (I got the cool trinket!)!
    Or Threnal such an odd chain why not get that done (I was wearing a level 3 cloak sooooo yay! Worldmantel shaper one for now!)?
    Or White Plume Mt (I got Echo sword!).
    Or gack, get the Necro 2 chain done. Etc.

    I did pick off one or two at a time but since I am not in a static group my lazer-like focus on a goal is not there on just the six level quests.

    I mean, I do get distracted easily and that will be the death of me I am sure. For example, in Tugly Woods (which i normally get left behind somewhere jumping between rings), I got so excited when I saw the Cow,,,
    ...that I rushed over like a tourist and stepped all over the puzzle. And did not notice I did that! Borked the puzzle and we had to recall/reset. But at least I did get the cool pic and Star did not yell at me for borking quest. Although in the re-rerun (now with full party), Star did warn party of puzzle b4 we entered!

    It should be noted that I am quite observant! The problem is that the cues I am attending to are not always what the others in the group find currently important. Like not noticing that the person sending me a few tells in the middle of running slavers (I think that was it) was, ahem, running with me in the same party. I mean, what are the chances of that?

    Anyway. So while finishing 6s I did all the 7's and a lot of the 8's, 9's, 10's, maybe an 11th. Except the (new to me) 7th lvl IoD chain. So now I had a problem.

    I could reincarnate and goto 12th with that IoD favor loss, because I am still (barely) holding only 2 extra levels. But I'm very close to getting enough XP (I blame unavoidable Monster Manual XP awards) to hold THREE levels. And I do not have all my 8s done! Oh no! Potential Favor Loss!!!!

    Then I remembered I only needed 3K to get the Horse (and never have to grind feathers again!).

    So I skipped IoD and leveled to 12! Drinks were all on me in the Portable Hole and I now have to do the major 12th level gear re-shuffle!

    The static groups are now working on their 3rds!
    Sun Flasks work great against Oozes!

    Stay Alive! Or at least don't die more than twice.
    Still alive on HC9! Finally finished my 5s and now am 10th level with about 1650 fav. Been running a bit under-level so have some fav's.

    I did the new 4th level but only on Hard. I solo'ed it as my LFM did not fill after a whole 3 mins. I can get a bit impatient which is death on HC9!

    Lots of lag on Tues.

    Not sure how the Von Raid will go since my second Elite Chronscope was a disaster (from my viewpoint).

    A summary below the spoiler if interested!

    Summary: I was cocky. Very cocky for me. Gabbing in party chat before we started. Sigh. Well it was a good wakeup call for me!
    So we started short 1 man. Then we lost one one the way to the bank (lag prevented a rescue attempt by very brave Paladins). We pressed on. Decided to do optional after 1st boss (which itself was not a bad lag fight), and lag hit hard. I was off with another melee type as a pair hunting optional mobs & we doing ok until lag froze me up. Then we got swarmed with multiple. I started to panic. I manged to lag way back to alley and locked up. My voice/ears not working. Party text chat is not so great. Mostly "come to alley, are you coming in, I'm dying to lag, wonder if we will live," that sort of thing. Probably voice was a lot of cursing. Some brave paladins trying to pull it together, the Star doing his best, buffers still casting. Then someone DC'ed. My panic really takes off, I don't actually raid at all so I dunno what to do in this case, and then more and more mobs appeared. Sooooooo I fled. I teleported out (ok I bashed my teleport key like a crazy chicken until it worked).

    Not my proudest moment.

    I apologized in party chat, dropped group, and had a drink in the portable Hole (i.e. I logged off).

    I do not know if the raid succeed or not.

    At least, I got a cool axe out of it.

    Edit: I fixed my ears! Yay! And some stuff I learned from this:
    1. Tell Star if I do not hear party chat.
    2. Teleport is a handy thing. There is a cookie with teleport on it too for this season if you are not a Human with dragon mark, caster, etc.
    3. Turn off my bloody feet. People sometime follow me like I know what I am doing.
    4. Recalling my experience, it seems like I played a warrior whose morale was breaking over time. Once things really started lagging and going pear-shaped, me only have party text probably increased my panic. Like me imagining party voice chat was chaos-cursing while it could have mostly been calm communications & specific actions to take, but panicked me imagined everyone else panicing. Add in a Disconnect and boom, my barb/fighter breaks and runs! Maybe if I been playing paladin I would have spent my extra life there for honor sake, I dunno.
    5. I still don't really know what to do in cases of very bad lag.
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    Some of the best tales are cautionary ones, and you survived to fight another day! :giggle:
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    Having fun in HC9! I'm in two flower-sniffing static groups (will we make it to 20th level or even 1750 fav? Who knows!) but also playing a PUGing character (a melee fighter barb combo).

    I've earned my second life and am almost done with the 4th levels. I thought I had done everything but I missed a Harbor quest so I boooooo, I need to review my done quests before i level! But I do have a new one to do at 4th, the Catastrophic one! That will be done blind by me (although I bet the pug members have done it already) so hope no instant death stuff at this low a level.

    I have only witnessed one party death so far (in saltmarsh, a party member died to the "nibbling fish" in the big croc quest. He took it well though.

    Biggest surprise for me was seeing the Big Snowmen running around in public areas!! Ha ha! That was fun. A pic of one in Hall of Heroes.

    Not the best image but hey it works! It took me a while to figure what was going on, lol.

    Good luck all who are playing HC this time around!
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    I've got a couple of the snowmen cookies from Copper Festivault coins. They are fun to use.
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    Quick update for the Crafting alts. We finished the three House Cannith quests and made it to 50 favor!! Yay!
    A pic of our Arty jumping traps in Power Play:

    We had ground out 19 favor in some of the challenges and it turns out that we only needed to do the quests on Hard to earn exactly 50 favor! Double Yay!
    That was nice since we are Permadeath and going in at level 18 to I guess level 21 quests. We don't know them so we staggered about, did a lot of the optionals (the arty got a very nice set of boots too!), and were pretty sure that Elite would have wiped the group!

    But we lived and now have access to endless crafting Marks! And 10% crafting pots! Very exciting I know!

    Hope everyone that has a feast day this week enjoys their stuffed birds and what not!! 🦃 :)
    Questing update! Posting this a bit late but we did finish Giant Hold on our crafting alts!
    Last up was Tor and even with a few Thrall Champs (we did everything on elite), it was much easier than the Crucible!

    A shot of our Fighter charging a Thrall Champ...

    ...and the Giant's buddies rush in and you can see the Thrall just starting to fall from the fighter's trip!

    But really Tor was no problem for us at Elite so I helped in the Boss fight.

    We killed the dragons (see pic of me doing my thing, the mandatory post-dragon fight gold pile dance, while my friends, err, took 'care of the important stuff: The treasure!'), although I have never done anything with the few scales I have.

    So we are done with GH!

    Ha ha, they should offer additional tiers of Saga rewards for running everything on Reaper.
    Soooooo I calculate 3,628,800 more reward tiers (plus the existing 3 of course!) are needed.

    The plan is to go do the 19th level Cannth house quests to get to 50 House C favor. But maybe a few XP-earning quests before? I am not sure honestly.
    Although with the Christmas Hard Core re-run starting soon so who knows how far we make it before then?
    Anyway, have fun eveyone!
    Crucible Elite run done! Next we are off to fight Tor Dragons!!!
    (3 characters and 1 doggie; we are a 1st life 16th lvl Fighter, Arty, and Cleric (me!)).

    A picture of the Swim belt I made for my poorly-named Cleric(1).

    It has been awhile (ignoring my HC runs) and we all forgot that it was more than the maze and the swim! :D

    And that maze took us, 20+ minutes (but i learned that there is a chest in the maze! ). I know on HC it took the party maybe a 1-2 minute?

    We had a thrall or two pop up above the maze but the Arty blasted them pretty quickly. We never had two thralls at a time though. Thralls were never a problem on this run. Our lack of game knowledge was!

    All the other obstacles between the maze and swim we not a huge problem with only minor hiccups (e.g. on top of maze, say don't fall, and immediately the Arty falls. Normal stuff like that.) And it sure is nice to have the arty doggie around to open doors!!

    Anyway, when we finally made it to the swim (almost 2 hours in, so yeah, u can see why do don't group with other folks, haha!), in I went.

    But I died on the swim. Booooooo!!

    I made it all the way to the spiked wall before the room with the fan that stops before I died.

    Nasty spikes and current. I guessed low when the gap was high and splat! Reflexive heal burnt long ago, greater vigor stuff not good enough, and I forgot my force shield pots. Double Booooooo!!!

    But all is not lost as we have our own death rules!

    You can be raised by a party member (for a total number of times equal to your # of original Con points) only if the soul stone can be physically recovered by a living party member. So we are not super-extreme perm-death but no ghost raises, only if you can get the body (soul stone) back.

    And I "knew" from errr....no actual source....that my soul stone would wash back up on the shore where the party members where and they could raise me! I could try again or, more likely, the fighter (a swimmer & has done it before) do it! Ha Ha, I am so smart!!!

    So No Worries! And they are teasing me and I do a little ghost scouting before my soul gets washed back you see, and we chat a bit longer. And longer....

    I think maybe the swim in House 12 might bring your stone back; maybe that is where i got the idea of soul stone getting washed back.

    So yeah, my soul stone stays stubbornly stationary.

    To cut down very long story into only long; rescue party happens (with much cursing and why did we not do Hard?), and we even find that gold key.

    But we do not find any hint of a secret door etc. so that remains a mystery and an offhand PUG HC rumor about super awesome loot in that chest it's but "...not worth dying for on HC so wait for the swimmer". Makes me very curious.

    The we DD'ed out, beat up the champs, and finished the quest!

    We got one named falchion out of the run. Although we did get an elite jeweled cloak and some other stuff in other GH quests so not too bad I guess.

    Next up is Tor! The on to level 19 House Cannith quests. Which we hope will be a faster route to 50 House Cannith favor than the challenge slog (we remain at 19 total stars). I did those quests on HC 5 but just once, at speed, in a HC party so I don't know them at all. Should be fun!

    That is it! Hope everyone is having fun! Mind the Thralls and Mind Eaters!!!

    (1) Coming soon! My clear & concise 5,462 word, all-cap, single paragraph, no punctuation explanation
    why me and my 303 member guild (all twenty-year VIPs!), will all be quitting the game forever unless
    SSG allows capitalization for all letters in Character's first names!!
    "But I died on the swim" ... You need dodge for traps or Resist for Elemental (usually sonic) damage.
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    Night Revels Broom of Fire in combat action!! You can summon all the Flame Spheres at once!! Hahahahahaha!

    That is Tharashk Arena (elite).

    Cannith Challange update: We stand at 19 favor, sigh. It would be easier with hires I am sure!
    Update! I finished running heroic Saltmarsh with two friends. They had never done it before (and Ive only done it on HC so don't know it!) so we made it a challenge!

    We rolled up 28pt characters on a new world with no stored loot. We used starting gear only, so no hires, no dice rolls, no guilds, no AH or buying stuff(except heal potions, free bags, quivers, ammo, components, thief tool). We did a harbor quest (ringleader) and then off to the marshes!

    We were a rogue, a alchemist and a wizard (me!).

    It was grand fun! We died a lot but our first run we managed to do 2 on elite and rest on Hard. Then we did it again and were 6th level by the end. It was more fun than I expected scrounging for gear and such. I could not even afford a healing kits at first! And I was complaining to group about that and also scraping up gold for ammo etc in general chat instead of party chat window....and someone kindly offered to give me 100,000 PP to shut up! Lol, not really the "shut up" part, really they kindly offered to give 100K to me and I had to explain, no thanks, sorry etc. The "shut up" version is a better story though.

    I do know the marsh much better now and should feel a lot better about it in next HC I play in!

    Anyway, now we are back on the home server, learning Cannith challenges (oh dear god), doing the Night Revels and starting Giant Hold! It is our 2nd life characters (we play very slowly).

    And now the update it over! Yay!
    Nice! Youtube has some great videos about the Cannith Challenges.
    Oh thank you! Of course there must be videos of those too online, ha ha. We are trying to learn them without resorting to guides.
    But if we fail and start to rage to hard, well, thanks for the tip!
    Rats, it looks like I will have to go do real life stuff instead of play HC8.

    Oh well, no 5K+ attempt for me now which I hoped would sneak me on the Leaderboard this season (since no 5K reward). I have a decent base with everything 6th and under Elited. Most of the 7s done except Dino land (which I just got) soooo instead of spoiling that with HC8 speed-runners, I guess I will do that blind with my static group on a regular server.

    I got the gold eyes but now I hope to just run for the the rest of the 7-piece treasure reward and dash to level 20.

    And now you have been informed about the very VERY important plans of the Mighty Rathy! :)
    Oh neat, profile posts! Well, I cracked 1750 on HC8 today at level 8 when running some Sorrowdusk! My eyes now glow golden!
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