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    How do I get rid of "The Voyage" bugged quest

    I just resubbed today and made a new character and was leveling her up to 4 on that ship. I crashed before my 4th level up and when i got back into game she would no longer talk to me instead giving me a message that she could send me to marketplace or else i could create a new character or...
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    Unable to cancel my sub

    I got that same error too, i was able to cancel it through steam but i never had to do that before. It was always just one month at a time. Thanks for the info about the store!
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    Unable to cancel my sub

    I just got charged for another month through steam and it wasn't supposed to do that, it was supposed to only be for one month. And when i go to the website account to try and cancel my account it doesnt give me a cancel sub option. How do i cancel my subscription?