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    U66 Preview 2: Tumble Changes

    Charges aren't a bad idea, but I feel like the tumble changes are going to make most traps trivial to bypass.
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    Mechanized warrior's coffer?

    I hope so- I fully intended to buy points for the coffer now but I was considering which tier I wanted until the very end.. which I thought would be the morning of the following day like most sales? But it seems like they disappeared earlier! For limited offerings, please implement a countdown...
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    DDO Expansion Trove!

    4 early expansions, really, if it's same as last time, each for 'a dollar', although you should have the points for it without cash if you so choose: Menace of the Underdark Shadowfell Conspiracy Curse of Strahd Masterminds of Sharn.
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    Make Expansions/adventure packs giftable

    Codes used to be sharable and they took it away for some reason, it would be really good to have the functionality back. Gifts were how I got all my expacs.
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    Has anyone made an inventory tool?

    That's a bit vague, but it sounds like you might want Trove, the DungeonHelper plugin
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    Why is there no cosmetic (or actual outfit/armor) with this look?

    If you want a leather trench, Enforcer's Coat is probably a solid option.
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    Could someone post images of the New Expac Cosmetics?

    Pets, horses, personal cosmetics- I've seen some of the lich stuff but nothing of the rest
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    Reaper Endgame centered Assassin

    You can also probably get that from the Dark Gift of Drizlash, the Nine-Eyed Spider from amber temple for an hour long buff
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    U60 Lamannia Preview 1 - Machrotechnic Epic Destiny

    For a brief time, you can tune both the energy reserves of your runearm and the elemental energy from your environment to devestating effect. For 20s, you gain 20% action boost bonus to attack and movement speed and your runearm stays at maximum charge after firing. In addition, you gain a 2d6...
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    List of content with instakill mechanics or notable ways to easily die

    Its pretty redundant, but falling in Asteroids in Ascension chamber also instakills. Temple of Deathwyrm: also an instakill is moving under Red-Light in Red-Light/Green-Light room
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    Feywild Guestpass

    Masterminds of Sharn's had a guestpass for some time now, so there's obviously no impediment to guestpasses for expansion content, given sufficient time from release. I think two and half years is far enough down the line that should be able to spend points to give friends a tasting sample tour...
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    List of content with instakill mechanics or notable ways to easily die

    Few ones you've missed: Level 17: Acute Delirium instakills if you fall off airship Terminal Delirium also instakills if you lose dance fight Level 18: Schemes of the Enemy has a bottomless pit instakill zone when crossing the bridge Level 18: Blown to bits has massive damage charges similar to...
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    New cosmetic ideas

    There are two spellbooks that can be used, or Glamered as a cosmetic to be worn with another orb. Tome of Strahd - Curse of Strahd raid (BTCoA) Libram of Silver Magic - Haunted Hall of Eveningstar (BTCoE) Because the Libram doesn't bind on acquire, you may be able to find someone with an unbound...