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    What are the rarest filigrees to find???

    Yes Elite and Hard can drop rares but I haven't actually tested normal.
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    What are the rarest filigrees to find???

    I posted this in another thread but I figure better to get the word out. Gen 2 filigrees currently do not drop in any reaper difficulty. This makes them even rarer artificially as most people run r1 or higher. Add that to the lower drop rates on the mentioned sets like Sanctified Fervor and...
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    Do Zarigan's (Rare) Filigrees exist?

    At this time I can confidently say that all gen 2 filigree drop locations will NOT drop rares on any reaper setting. You have to run elite or lower to even have a chance at them dropping. So most people are running at least r1 and thus an artificial scarcity. On top of that the drop rate of...