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    Disconnection issues

    I've been suffering from a lot of DC issues. The game will pause, then after 30 seconds or so the yellow connection icon will appear. Another 30 seconds it turns red, and then another 30 seconds I lose connection. This happens at minimum once an hour, but occasionally will occur within 5 minutes...
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    Melee FvS help?

    Yeah this was kind of the impression I had been getting. S&B would be most likely, though I was also considering greatswords via KotC as I already have SoS in the bank. Gotcha, so splashing Pal would maybe not be the move if it's just going to take away some of the only good DPS additions...
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    Melee FvS help?

    Returning player after several years, really enjoying the game these days but I'm still pretty unfamiliar with metas now. I'm about 50k exp away from cap on an 18/2 Wiz/Rog and thinking about what I want to do with my next life. I'm thinking melee FvS because I like the melee playstyle but as I...