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    How are they killing us in HCL this time?

    ''just'' ....:LOL:
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    Perhaps it’s time to implement a 3-5 day posting ban on new accounts.

    the only thing my brain hears is : ''perhaps this is the great kobold''
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    Store suggestion: Baby stone xp (1.000.000 xp stone at 1200 tp)

    Maybe you don't like some point of the xp progression. Maybe you don't like lvl 12/13 quests to play Maybe you are tired to wait stuck at lvl18 to cap Maybe you need a little boost 'cause you're out of time in real life. I have the solution for all of you: a ''baby'' xp stone of 1 million xp...
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    I've read about the Illithid race, omg it's [spoiler] cringe !!

    ok but what i still not completely understand is the differences between a mind flayer and a illithid are the same ? or mind flayers are not using to be parasites ?
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    Dirty Laundry: secret door!

    i would be more excited to find a secret door in Devil Assault !!
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    DDO Bonus Days!

    guess what ... ? today i rolled 10 and got 200 xp instead of 100 xp .. should i be happy for that ? LOL
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    DDO Bonus Days!

    double dice .. but in facts .. you roll only one at day as usual
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    Why? sigh i am not the only one who likes to play the game in a smaller window instead of full screen hehe
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    I've read about the Illithid race, omg it's [spoiler] cringe !!

    After the last update i was caught by an irrefrenable curiosity and i've read on (a sort of) D&D pedia about the Illithid race.. and omg, it's extremely disgusting .. extremely horrific and extremely disgusting race.. why and how devs decided to dedicate update 63 to them ?
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    Illithid Invasion u63 Event Unlocking Mega Thread [Completed]

    For a second i thought my GPU melted
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    POP little glitch: when you place an orb and turn on the lever but suddenly stops the orb disappear

    i've made a search, didn't find anything so i post this. In : Prison of the planes (gianthold) I noticed that once you get the first orb and place it , to turn on one of the prisons BUT you suddenly interrupt the turning on of the lever, the orb disappear and you are not able to continue...
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    For the love of Eberron, please Devs put a teleport for demonweb's quests

    as title all these years and yet i struggle to reach the entrance of the quests in the demonweb.
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    How about a 1990's DOOM remake

    these server down times are dangerous for someone's mind.. (chuckle)
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    It happened again: at level 10 i realised that my toon is wrong, any suggestions ?

    Once again i made a wrong toon, it took me some levels to understand that is not what i want. Now there is no way to reset, cancel this and i must continue to level 20 to aim to the TR. is a 3rd life toon, so i don't want to miss all the bonuses got till now .. i don't want to delete it...
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    How to access Musgrave University

    go to sharn , there is a flying ship ready at the balcony.
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    My greatest complain: there is no a way to completely reroll a life other than delete the toon completely.

    i said it's not enough.. also, why in the hell devs dind't create a single unique heart that let you do whatever you want ? why always those +1 +5 +20 restrictions ? accorpate everything in a single new heart that let you do a completely reroll comprensive of new gender, new class, new name...
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    My greatest complain: there is no a way to completely reroll a life other than delete the toon completely.

    My biggest problem with this game was and is only one and one only: once you find yourself with a toon at middle range levels and you find you completely wrong the character, or you are tired of it aka you don't find it ''fun'' to play you have no choice, you MUST go to level 20 before to...
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    Sacred Fist should have been and Monk subclass and not Paladin

    I totally agree. In fact, when devs released the SF ench i was pretty shocked they decided to give a paladin new choice to be OP once again.