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    OP character choices

    I would say Inq. makes your numbers even more puzzling. My floor in the Inq. I am running in that level range is somewhere around 1000x 2 per attack with base damage and various added dice (and generally I am hitting for a lot more than that). Regardless, if you are seeing 30, 120, 150 in...
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    Yeah I didn't realzie this until recently. It effectively gives anyone that can use them two crafted trinket slots (i.e., slots where you can put in almost any enchantment), which can make filling holes in your gear tetris much easier.
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    Please help me to understand Power Attack vs Precision

    OP has in basically correct as far as I understand it. One way that I think about it is whether I would ever notice +5 to damage. When my standing bonus to damage on the charcater sheet passes 100, it starts to seem like a pretty small bonus. However, at level 10 it makes a big difference...
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    OP character choices

    I was just playing a pally last night in quite frankly terrible gear (not a single piece of legendary gear on him, no set bonuses), and decided to actually pay attention to the numbers this time. His damage floor is about 700 per swing (476 +around 200 from various dice and other effects), and...
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    OP character choices

    If you are seeing numbers that low on any martial character in epics, your build is absolute garbage and your gear is terrible on top of it. Of course it's not really raw numbers per swing, it's also attack speed and crit rate. I honestly don't pay attention to the damage numbers that much, I...
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    The real problem with random loot.

    I think the randgen does a good job of filling in gear slots until you have the perfect set of name items. I personally still use some randgen on pretty much all of my characters because there are a lot of named items I have never seen drop. For example, as hard as it will be for folks that...
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    What 1 or 2 things are keeping you in DDO?

    1. The structure of the game, with lots of adventures of various lengths with natural starting and stopping points. That makes it a satisfying choice when I have very limited spare time (which is almost always). This more than anything. 2. Build flexibility. Always something new to try, and...
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    Is heroic Vecna soloable?

    It's not hard to solo. Something does seem to be off with the drop rates though. Plus, with slightly better gear waiting at 20 that's dead easy to get, there is actually very little reason to fool with it until Legendary levels. If you get one of the expensive versions, the Rogue hireling is...
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    loot sorter project

    Wouldn't that be nice? Any text file format would be good. DBF, CSV, whatever. Then let us figure it out for ourselves. If some nice person wants to build an ap, so much the better. But anything would be better than the "log in and check" system we have now.
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    To SSG; The endgame and the mountain we climb

    This tracks very closely with my experience with the dozen or so players I have brought in over the years. The biggest batch was a bunch of Guildies from LoTRO, and that was pretty much exactly how it went with them. Ironically, they all really dug Korthos Island, which vets all tend to...
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    Snow Peaks was too short this year! Do you agree?

    Yeah I kind of thought I had more time too. Hopefully the keys an coins will still work next year.
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    DPS Formula?

    I've never seen DPS logs not go off the rails in a MMO. DPS shaming is bad, but to me the worst of it is the completely irresponsible playstyles it encourages in PUGs. Pulling sanely and safely doesn't help you get to the top of a damage meter. Just the opposite in fact. What helps you top a...
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    Please fix Necro!!!

    This I completely agree with. It is certainly a bit clunky and confusing. I don't like having to go back and forth between my compendium and the quest givers to figure out who to click on, nor do I really much like the idea of carrying around all the quests from level 5 on. However, the...
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    To SSG; The endgame and the mountain we climb

    Two common sense suggestions that come up every time this issue is raised (I think I saw the racial one in at least one post above already, not going digging for it), and will never be implemented: 1. Have the past life XP penalty kick in more gradually, so maybe ten lives to get to where it is...
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    What does (+5) trinket mean for crafting?

    I often solo Devil Assualt to farm Tokens of the Twelve when I don't want to run to 28 before reincarnating, and so end up with a fair number of free bonus shards just from that. However, the yellow slot on GoMF is certainly nice.
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    How Long Does it Take SSG to Fix a broken character?

    It depends on the issue. I have a bank bug on one of my characters where when I reincarnate I start with two sets of slots, but my bank can never be expanded past 40 slots either with House K rep or through store purchases. Emptying everything including the reincarnation cache and relogging...
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    Youtube video: Hasbro in talks to sell DnD to Tencent

    They are a fairly relaible source for MMO news. When a story like this updates, they also update the information they have on it, like they did here: They also publish...
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    Youtube video: Hasbro in talks to sell DnD to Tencent

    They likely are selling it: Seems like a pretty short sighted move on Hasbro's part. The rest of their portfolio is doing badly, which has gotten them into debt. So they sell...
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    Blanket nerfs

    This is really the issue. For example, right now the intention is for Dragon breath, which is in a 12 second cooldown, to start at 1d6+3 damage per level and is kind of hard to hit with because it's a cone tied to where your head is pointed. So let's envision a player fresh to epics that gets...
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    Myth Drannor --- And the Question of Loot...

    Hopefully they don't go for 2 or 19.