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    If you encountered a VIP subscription issue with an expansion purchase please post up your ticket number here

    VIP and did not purchase the expansion (or anything else recently). My VIP subscription was on autorenew but the account information was down graded to premium. However, bar one single glorious lag free fortnight which finished @5 days ago, the game has been literally unplayable due to rubber...
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    Game still playable for me since U59

    Thanks. That was a good thought. I disabled those effects and tried turning others down, but sadly no impact on the constant lag.
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    Game still playable for me since U59

    Prior to U59 I was able to play the game with very little lack, outside of specific lag spikes. However, since the post U59 patch, the game has been literally unplayable. My guildies have stopped playing as a result. I keep coming back to test it out, but suffer constant rubber banding (every 5...
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    Problems since 59 update research from across all threads. Feedback for Devs.

    Like the OP, I experienced a joyful virtually lag free experience for 2 days following U59. However, since the 'fix' the game in now literally unplayable. It takes 10+ minutes to walk across a public zone, such as the Market Place or Eveningstar. This is due to 'constant' freezing and 'elastic...
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    Lag observation

    Over the past 3-4 weeks, I've noticed a continuous and massive increase in lag generally. Not just the occasional freeze, but continuous elastic band effects. Swiping at monsters for almost a minute with no reaction, being 'pulled back' so that it takes 6 attempts to walk across the bridge in...
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    U60 Preview of Preview 2 Lammania XP Changes

    This seems like it will reduce future playstyle options, pushing people further towards AOE builds, away from an stealth options (even if stealth is already a very niche activity), or skill checks to bypass fights. As a result this could have the impact of restricting quest design. The...
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    8k DDO???????

    Same situation here. If cosmetics are being sold at a high price I don't really care - lack of storage means there is a high probability I would delete them anyway. It's the bank slots I was excited to buy, but this makes we feel that new additional storage will never be released at an...
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    Add more sources for Tokens of the Twelve

    As someone who is playing 'slowly' through the reincarnation wheel (not zerging), that is partly right. The issue is not the difficulty of gaining tokens, it is having options to avoid running (virtually) the same quests every life and burning out on the game. Variety to keep gameplay...
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    The Divine Disciple tree really needs to be looked at

    I believe that Evil and Light damage are the same damage type. So Exalted Angel should help the Evil portion of the damage.