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    Carrion Swarm save is "every few seconds". What it means ?

    LOL. I won't be suprised if now it will have recurring saves but no duration limit, thus lasting forever on high DC casters. :)
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    Downtime Notice: Wednesday, February 14th 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Eastern (-5 GMT)

    Ahh, I thought you were taking your time because U66 was being released.. :(
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    This game needs a "WeakAura" addon

    Hey guys, Trying to track my buffs is driving me crazy. What I mean by that is the buffs display is always moving left and right, and it makes it really hard to quickly find info about specific buffs. Example: I want to mainly track my Death Aura and Displacement to know when to rebuff. But...
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    Carrion Swarm save is "every few seconds". What it means ?

    So Carrion Swarm is getting a save. And the description says "every few seconds". I think it's pretty important to know what "few seconds" mean. Is the save every tick (2 seconds), so that only the spell application is guarateed? (will only be usefull for conjuration casters) Is the save every...
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    Lamannia Update 66 Preview 2 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    We are talking about the spell ability, not the ranged/melee ones. This one: Nightmare Lance (spell): Epic Strike is becoming AoE, thus it can't go 1d8+8.
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    Lamannia Update 66 Preview 2 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    No because it's an AoE. They are applying 1d8+8 to single target abilities.
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    Lamannia Update 66 Preview 2 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    LOL That's exactly what I said a few days ago regarding the short time for preview. The devs don't give people enough time to test, than we have to hear about these wannabe theorycrafters that know nothing about math to starting shouting "oh my god, nerf" without a clue. (I actually know that...
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    Master of the Dead (feat) is working ?

    Do you guys know if the feat Master of the Dead is working ? It is supposed to give +10 caster levels to Death Aura and Negative Energy Burst. Since Negative Burst has max caster level 10, this feat should actually DOUBLE the heal amount, which seems huge. But I heard 3 years ago the feat was...
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    Can You Please Make these Lamania Previews longer they Are WAY too SHORT! Only people with absolutely nothing to do got any time to test stuff out.

    Longer previews would immensely help the devs, because: Short previews = Very few people actually testing = A lot of clueless wannabe theorycrafters complaining in the forums without actually testing anything = Tonquin having to read a lot of useless stuff instead of focusing on actual feedback
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    Update 66 Preview 1 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    Hi @Tonquin, So you are rearranging trees to better support prereq lines.. I'm a game developer myself, and I always enjoy these kind of changes to simply make the system more consistent/harmonious. Can I suggest a change in the Primal tree in this respect? Currently the Epic Strike (tier 1)...
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    Question regarding red names and fortification bypass

    Yes. That's exactly the damage I was taking from those griffons. It was kind of manegeable until I was crit for 450 damage. And that's why I created this thread. Seems I'm indeed lacking more fortification. EDIT: I'm also considering to switch from Lich form to Wraith. Seems the only thing that...
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    Question regarding red names and fortification bypass

    Hey guys, I have 100% critical resistance from Pale Master shroud, and I was feeling safe, but today I got critically hit by a red named boss (specifically the boss griffon from Another's Man Treasure). I was playing this quests on Epic Reaper 1 difficulty. So, why exactly this red name can...
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    @Torc: Some topics regarding quest EXP and optionals

    I just did the Vecna Unleashed quest. I got around 17,000 exp from doing the quest, then I decided to try the optionals that require pressing some levers, etc. (Optional) Slay Controlled Nightmare — Bonus (10%): Heroic Epic (Optional) Defeat the Necromancy Professor — Bonus (10%): Heroic Epic...
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    What's wrong with Arcane Tempest (spell)?

    That's not the case for sure, because I'm using Quicken. I think what's is happening is: the cloud spawns in a spot so awkward that I can't even see it. lol
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    What's wrong with Arcane Tempest (spell)?

    Probably around 40% of all my casts of Arcane Tempest, the cloud either simply do not appear, or do appear in another location (other than my mouse pointer). Is this specific spell really bugged sometimes for you guys? Is there any trick to use this reliably? Weird thing is I never had any...
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    Update 61.1 Release Notes

    I'm having a lot of fun with Archmage since the buffs. Thanks. @Cordovan Any reason to still not allow Arcane Bolt/Blast to be Enlarged? (maybe you guys can't make the projectile to fly longer, etc) Otherwise, it's a pretty obvious change to come next patch, right? ;)
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    Few questions about Vecna Unleashed before buying it..

    long way to go until 2024
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    Few questions about Vecna Unleashed before buying it..

    So, a few questions about the expansion: - Are the quests straighforward? (I mean, not many puzzles, downtime, etc?) - Can I do the quests in any order? (because I already saw some quests I don't like at all) - Is Machrotech good to splash as a caster? (specifically the Hammer SLA, which seems...
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    U61 Patch 1 Preview 2

    Nice. @Torc: BUG: Arcane Bolt/Blast is still not getting +DC from any schools.
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    Should I get +fortification items as Pale Master ?

    Hey guys, Pale Master's undead forms say they add "100% critical resistance". It does not actually say "fortification", so now I'm in doubt if some enemies can in fact bypass this or not. I mean, is it just 100% fortification, or it actually makes you totally immune to critical hits? In other...