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    Store Sales: September 14th - 21st

    any chance we can get some quest pack discounts? or even better, bring back the dungeoncrawl code for us returning players 😀
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    Account "demoted" to free account

    Update: As of right now, account has been fixed, thanks to the team for updating my account :D
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    Account "demoted" to free account

    Still no update, been a few days, ticket left unanswered. Hoping for something soon, 2 character I am unable to log on to. Ticket number is 311833. Any help would be appreciated @Cordovan
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    Account "demoted" to free account

    Hey guys, randomly logged in today to find my account had gone from "Premium" account status, to "Free" account status. I've seen other people post online about this bug and have submitted a ticket, but to no reply. Hoping maybe to get some answer here or seen by a mod. Thanks in advance.