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  1. kriegzilla

    THF DPS in high-reaper raids is way under-performing than TWF and wraps

    you cant make that build, it has 21 class levels
  2. kriegzilla

    Tolero: Forgotten Realms content for next 3 years please!

    I hadn’t thought about that WRT Planescape, but I think you might be correct. Also, I never played Myth Drannor as I was engaged in RL work for many yyears when it was published. Having read up on it recently it seems a good place to go given the level gap increase and its easy access to other...
  3. kriegzilla

    New Archetype Speculation

    i think it will be the Monk, way of the Ascendant Dragon, cause Ninja sucks and they dont want to fix it. But other than the level cap increase (foregone conclusion) I was wrong on all my predictions for 2024.
  4. kriegzilla

    Hold Monster, Mass

    I think the call for this is premature. While MHM is very effective for those that can hit the top numbers the duration and efficacy (i.e., reduced helpless damage from some time ago) have been reduced considerably. It is not surprising that as the player base continues to achieve greater...
  5. kriegzilla

    Predictions for 2024

    I forgot to add that they could also revisit Barovia. IIRC, WOTC produced additional Ravenloft/Barovia material this year, or late last year. Worth a mention.
  6. kriegzilla

    Predictions for 2024

    DISCLAIMER I am not a huge D&D player, I have only gone surface deep to make my predictions, undoubtedly I will reflect my lack of knowledge in my predictions. So, save the hate, let’s focus on what’s to come. ;tldr SSG adds • Arcane Trickster as a rogue archtype, • Beastmaster as a barbarian...
  7. kriegzilla

    Fix - Tumbling as movement speed increase

    Thanks for the reply Cordovan appreciate your knowing that this is on SSG’s watch list. Perhaps a progressively building cooldown, after all tumble, or a couple of tumbles, is a useful combat mechanic and that part should not break. Look forward to seeing what SSG comes up with. Happy Holidays!
  8. kriegzilla

    Fix - Tumbling as movement speed increase

    Currently there is an exploit in the game that allows characters to tumble almost as fast as a fully speed boosted monk. This is clearly an exploit of the tumble mechanic. While I know this is a fantasy game, this is clearly not WAI and should be resolved. I can‘t post the mechanics on how to...
  9. kriegzilla

    Post Character Names in quest in the XP report

    Currently the only people named in the XP report are characters that slay enimies, break items, or die. I would like to see the names of all characters that enter a quest regardless of their activity. I want to see their names even if they leave the quest, but have them delinated as...
  10. kriegzilla

    Multivial of poison.
  11. kriegzilla

    Forgotten Realms: Red Wizards of Thay

    Good point I had forgotten about HER. 😁
  12. kriegzilla

    Forgotten Realms: Red Wizards of Thay

    Planescape? I think that all of the content is market value based and WOTC licenses it out to those that will make the most money for WOTC, thus the tightening of there content over all. So, it’s unlikely that SSG will get rights for Red Wizards. Despite however much we like the idea. That...
  13. kriegzilla

    Illithid Invasion Exhaustion Table

    Found Ilithid in the Curcible Maze, ok the "K" side, iirc.,
  14. kriegzilla

    Vistani adding Kukris proposed by Torc

    These guys are why you should consider using kukris. It is the the eponymous weapon of the Ghurkas, a group of fierce Nepalese bad a$$es. Since at one point the British empire spanned most of the globe, perhaps, since the British hired these...
  15. kriegzilla

    Bonehead Developer? :-)

    So, what item in game keeps crew and guild members on board guild ships that fly vertically. I want that item. I tried the Boots of Anchoring, but they didn't work. I assume that this is a new market expansion into DDO SciFi. I used to really like DDO because it was exclusively fantasy, but...