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  1. Marshal_Lannes

    Dragon Lord Multi

    I'm going to make a Dragonlord Bear.
  2. Marshal_Lannes

    Alternative to Past lives and Reaper Enhancements

    So you're saying take away all the abilities earned by a character and give them to a corporation? I'm sure that would be wildly popular.
  3. Marshal_Lannes

    There's A LOT of New Players...

    I agree, there are a lot of new players in the game right now. I believe every MMO has a certain level of attrition where new players don't stick around. Are we sure DDO is doing worse (or better) than other games? For the poll, I voted that DDO is too complicated. I mean, even for me, a veteran...
  4. Marshal_Lannes

    Reflections on Hardcore: ideas for an alternative

    Won't your suggestion only amplify the problems you pointed out after the initial 3-week surge? If you think getting an R4 group is hard later on (it wasn't this year btw) imagine trying to get an elite raid. People would run the raid once, get their completion, and never run it again. If you...
  5. Marshal_Lannes

    Social State of the Game: In Tatters

    If you don't like piking, don't put up LFMs or only group with people you know. If asked, I always tell anyone in my groups that you're welcome to contribute as much or as little as you want. Having rigid standards or ideas on what "should" be happening, in my opinion, only creates a further...
  6. Marshal_Lannes

    The Hardcore 9 Leaderboards are now available on!

    My first top 30 reaper finish. Legion was a FVS nuking machine, the battle for 3/4 was epic. Season 9 had the best endgame I've seen on ANY server.
  7. Marshal_Lannes

    DDO is celebrating the Year of the Dragon

    This is an excellent series of gifts; thematic, exciting, and desirable. Blue Dragon Wings partially solves the lingering reaper question by allowing players to get a cosmetic that previously required much reaper gameplay investment building upon the opportunity set by the Butterfly Wings...
  8. Marshal_Lannes

    Update 66 Preview 2: AOE Ranged Attacks

    The critical multiplier is the point. That is why players chase crit X in trees, feats, or weapons. Crit X is exponentially greater DPS than Damage %. What is the purpose of Sniper Shot? It is to take out a single target with one huge alpha strike. This functions in heroics as designed. Sniper...
  9. Marshal_Lannes

    Lamannia Update 66 Preview 2 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    I would ask that developers please consider the words of players like Ying, myself, and others who have spent hundreds of hours playing ranged builds and are explaining what a dramatic, style-crippling nerf this change to Hunt's End will be. Ranged combat already suffers from a myriad of...
  10. Marshal_Lannes

    Update 66 Preview 2: AOE Ranged Attacks

    I don't think people are fully grasping what a huge nerf to ranged DPS this is going to be. These +10% damage AOE abilities in a tiny burst template are trivial compared to the loss of Hunt's End at end game. I'm shell-shocked, frankly.
  11. Marshal_Lannes

    Lamannia Update 66 Preview 2 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    Can Hunt's End just not work on AOE strikes? Changing it to this 250% damage with no chaining destroys longbow archer play. The entire point of playing a longbow archer and going through the fairly arduous leveling process that is behind virtually every other class is that when you get to level...
  12. Marshal_Lannes

    U66 Preview 2: Tumble Changes

    This is a good middle ground preserving the combat utility of tumble while taking away the zerging nature of tumble that was used to increase movement speeds. However, giving a 95% dodge benefit to tumble is game-breaking. Seeing tanks in full armor tumbling is going to become the new normal...
  13. Marshal_Lannes

    To SSG; The endgame and the mountain we climb

    I think more people in this thread should play hardcore. Hardcore begins with the basis that everyone starts equal and by that starting point it means people end up playing D&D to have fun not worrying about a hill to climb. I cringe when I hear things like I have to get back on the wheel or...
  14. Marshal_Lannes

    Make permanent Hardcore server!

    I've played a ton of hardcore this season. It has been amazing me for to step back and stop TRing to just play D&D. Liberating. Would this be sustainable with a permanent HC server? Hard to say. I don't see how it would hurt to try though, especially if the development team is losing steam on...
  15. Marshal_Lannes

    Voodu Warlock Enlightened Spirit Tank - Hardcore/New Players/Past Lives/Mid Reaper/Solo/Video Series

    What are your thoughts on a crafted Dino weapon? There seem to be some intriguing options: Scale: Brightscale probably if no other spell penetration is slotted. Spell points are rarely ever a problem so Shadowscale seems unnecessary. No use for Iridiscent. No great options here. Fang: Any of...
  16. Marshal_Lannes

    Blanket nerfs

    I will respond with my wallet. I can't wait to buy the Ultimate Edition of Myth Drannor this summer.
  17. Marshal_Lannes

    Update 66 Preview 1 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    Fury of the Wild Two abilities could use some adjustment. Eternal Rage. The minor rage restore chance isn't needed. Consider redoing this to enhance rage in some manner. Something along the lines of +1 damage/+2 damage/+3 damage and rages last 10% longer. Embrace the Pain. The healing effect...
  18. Marshal_Lannes

    Lamannia U66 Preview 1 Release Notes

    I never called experimental tumble an exploit. I made a post pointing out how experimental tumbling was being used in the game, and the genuine impact it was having on questing within groups. I asked for clarification from the Developmental team if this was the intended effect from both a...
  19. Marshal_Lannes

    Update 66 Preview 1: AOE Ranged Attacks

    There are extensive threads about how painful (longbow) archers are to level. Due to mob density, every playstyle should have AOE attacks. As for killing packs of mobs together, I don't understand the objection. Currently, melee can wade in and destroy packs of mobs with strikethrough. Casters...
  20. Marshal_Lannes

    Lamannia U66 Preview 1 Release Notes

    Thank you for disabling experimental tumble.