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  1. Griglok (Karatemack)

    What could be done to make "Past Lives" more interesting?

    There is nothing magical about the number 3. Consolidate all of the current PL benefits to a single PL feat. You run every race/class/iconic/destiny in the game once and then that character has gained all the PLs they can gain... until the next class/race/iconic/destiny comes out anyway.
  2. Griglok (Karatemack)

    Third Times the Charm - Donate your shinies for the 3rd fab Orien raffle 2024

    Wait... you can get banned for using the LFM panel to promote in-game events? I didn't think that was a thing.
  3. Griglok (Karatemack)

    1k AC reached

    Build file where?
  4. Griglok (Karatemack)

    OP character choices

    First- I want to say that yes, sorcerer is a powerful class in DDO. What difficulty are you playing on? What level range are you playing when you're seeing 20K crits? Those details will help the community better understand the damage numbers you're describing compared to their gaming...
  5. Griglok (Karatemack)

    theDDOexperience Streaming Events

    Tonight, starting at 8:30 PM EST, I will be streaming TCO Raids. During the stream, I will be giving away pet certificates. I'm willing to send to any server. twitch link for event: Discord for the event: See you tonight! :)
  6. Griglok (Karatemack)

    Making PvP appealing to more people

    Exactly this. I can't think of a good reason to cheat in a contest like this. If you cheat to win, you didn't really accomplish anything. Run it your way and see if you can get others interested. Events like this are great for the community. Thank you for thinking of ways to make it fun!
  7. Griglok (Karatemack)

    Do reaper enhancement trees make playing in reaper easier than it should be?

    You're not wrong, at the same time, the ship has sailed. I think it would be very difficult to remove the reaper trees without making a lot of players upset. Instead, I think it would be cool if there were a new difficulty released (call it Reaper 11) which didn't award any more RXP, but instead...
  8. Griglok (Karatemack)

    Alternative to Past lives and Reaper Enhancements

    Here's what I see for past lives: Due to power creep on gear, feats, enhancements, filigrees, etc., it's difficult to find a reaper setting that you feel prepared for but is also challenging until you hit R8-10. This leads to the perception that you need PLs to be successful, because a lot of...
  9. Griglok (Karatemack)

    Reaper Endgame Protection Cleric

    Just wanted to pop in and thank Tronko again for posting. I was able to make some tweaks to gain about 500 HP in reaper as well as some more PRR. I did go a little heavier on the heals and took Beckon divinity since I'm going to be using this for an R10 raid push soon. That limited destiny...
  10. Griglok (Karatemack)

    What 1 or 2 things are keeping you in DDO?

    I highly recommend it to friends! It's the best MMO out there still and offers a character creation system that allows for more flexibility than any other game I've ever seen. Anyway... here are some of the reasons I still play DDO: My wife plays DDO with me. My guildies are awesome and...
  11. Griglok (Karatemack)

    Making PvP appealing to more people

    Our guild hosted a Capture the Flag event a year or so ago. Please note that Dimension Door takes EITHER party to the same entry point, placing one of the teams at a severe disadvantage. Just something to consider. :) Also, good luck on the event. If you end up doing something at level 7, most...
  12. Griglok (Karatemack)

    To SSG; The endgame and the mountain we climb

    That would be amazing.
  13. Griglok (Karatemack)

    Reaper Endgame Protection Cleric

    I have been playing protection domain cleric as my go-to R10 raid healer for a few years now. Lots to love there. Tons of contribution to overall DPS that most parties miss out on. :) Good job with the build! I focus on fitting in beckon divinity, but I'm going to parse through your gear...
  14. Griglok (Karatemack)

    To SSG; The endgame and the mountain we climb

    There's a lot of good feedback in here. On reflection, I don't know why 36-point builds have to be gated behind TRs. While it seems like low-hanging fruit to veteran players, I still remember my first life in DDO taking the longest to level. I think I'm ok with hard and elite being "gated"...
  15. Griglok (Karatemack)

    Korthos Rap

    Where is the FIRE reaction!?!?!? Seriously, great job!
  16. Griglok (Karatemack)

    Social State of the Game: In Tatters

    I think that every group dynamic is different. Also, if a player joins an R10 quest but knows they can't lead kill counts, why wouldn't they want to help increase the XP any way they can? DDO is cooperative, so whether it's a quest or a raid every player should be working together the make the...
  17. Griglok (Karatemack)

    Social State of the Game: In Tatters

    Start the community you want to be part of. That's the best advice I can give you. I actively engage on the forums, in various discords for DDO and on twitch. Of all of the communities, I would say the twitch community is the most open/welcoming. I run a guild on Khyber, and we regularly PUG...
  18. Griglok (Karatemack)

    U67 Early Look: Too Many Cooks

    For the most part, the only part of the quests that feels overly "campy" to me are the quest titles. And that's OK! I actually like that the titles of the quest (which by their nature already break the 4th wall) should include a fair dose of camp. This perspective I can appreciate. I would just...
  19. Griglok (Karatemack)

    Snow Peaks was too short this year! Do you agree?

    Sometimes they do an encore event. Maybe they'll decide to help us out! :) Also- I feel that the mimic event is always too short and too infrequent. I'd like to see it 3x per year personally for 2-4 weeks each time. :P
  20. Griglok (Karatemack)

    U66 Preview 2: Tumble Changes

    This is a great solution. Many thanks!