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    Fury of the Wild Core 4, Be the Whirlwind

    The damage is weak and the whole thing is really only useful to str-based classes unfortunately.
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    Lamannia Update 66 Preview 2 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    I wish shadowdancer's wing thing was the opposite - dash forward and put you INTO sneaking.
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    I enjoyed my electric spellcaster life, but I mainly used fireball-type runearms for stripping, like acj recommended. Also breaking stuff.
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    Examine window

    Well, you can lock it to keep a specific examine window open, but you'll have to do it every time. Nice for raid bosses and party members I guess, not so much every random bozo.
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    Update 66 Preview 2: AOE Ranged Attacks

    If IPS made every arrow an easy to use aoe, sure. Devs are VASTLY overestimating lines/beams though. Recentish: Acolyte of the skin, IPS, shadowdancer epic strike, maybe a few others. People bring up how bad these aoes were and devs basically respond with "Well, it's aoe" I think I'm fairly...
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    Please make all Deity available from Level 1 for all Characters

    This is a game, lore/immersion/rp are a terrible excuse for not making things better/easier. If they made every deity available (and that'd be great!) and you don't a particular character of yours shouldn't have access, don't choose it?
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    U66 Preview 2: Tumble Changes

    Still haven't heard any response to tumbling in towns or bardsongs. I think the new tumble system sounds/could be interesting, but what about if I just want to backflip on my airship for fun? Can we get the cooldown/recharge cut down drastically in public areas please? And bards...people have...
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    XP Bug

    That's very weird. A relog would probably fix any weird issue like that though.
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    Lamannia Update 66 Preview 2 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    It's going to bad/barely aoe. A line is hard enough to line up when using a ranged attack, you think you're going to get much aoe out of something melee w/ enemies constantly shuffling around?
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    Update 66 Preview 2: AOE Ranged Attacks

    I don't think the idea of a "must have" is a bad thing. People are always going to gravitate towards what's best, regardless of if it's miles ahead or just fireball. If they keep nerfing everything at the top and bumping up the bottom a little bit (which seems to be the norm), eventually it...
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    Lamannia Update 66 Preview 2 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    Balance doesn't just mean damage numbers. Seems like the main focus on all of these nerfs is numbers numbers numbers (and negligible cooldown adjustments) They brought up other epic strikes but it's all just damage. The main draw of dragon breath (to me) was that it was aoe. Same with holy...
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    The DDO Players Council is accepting new applications!

    It says your game account can be banned if you break it.
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    U66 Preview 2: Tumble Changes

    Immersion and roleplaying are nice for people I guess, but shouldn't matter for mechanics. Otherwise we should have stamina meters and have to rest after swinging 20 times, and all be dead from not eating/drinking. If mechanics ever don't make sense to you, just imagine a wizard did it. That...
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    Update 66 Preview 2: AOE Ranged Attacks

    Has the simplest solution ever been used here though lol?
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    Lamannia Update 66 Preview 2 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    Ya the aura was like having a hireling that wasn't completely retarded lol. No worrying about them running up to stand with you in melee, falling asleep in lava, etc. And like I mentioned in other threads, it's a huge dropoff in dps, even on my fire warlock that may or may not have been...
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    Fill out the bard spell book a little

    Would love some more spells for bard/everyone. A lot of the spells in game don't have any use other than niche (killing eyeballs).
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    VIP Perk: Teleport to quest entrance (public areas only)

    Pretty sure I had something like this in my big list O vip suggestions compiled in the thread in my sig. There are multiple ways this could work and be great. DDO is a game that is all about reincarnating and running quests over and over and OVER. Cutting down on the time to get to quests...
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    U66 Preview 2: Tumble Changes

    Any word on if this new tumble is changed in town? Or if it works if you have no ranks?
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    expansions not showing in ddo store

    If your son isn't new (and might've picked up these xpacs in previous years), the best way to check is to just go to sharn/rl/etc. and see if the chalices are red or not.
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    Nimble Fingers: -50% Induction Time for "Using"

    I suggested a quicker use time as part of a vip perk, but I'd be happy if everyone got it. So many things just take TOO long for no reason other than to slow us down. I get if it's part of an objective, like pulling out the weapon in haunted halls slooooowly while you get jumped. But even...