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  1. Haramel

    Will there be a producers letter for this year?

    Unfortunately nothing new then, always the same things with different themes. The new thing that appears is a new crafting system, a new type of item (artifacts), etc. Who knows, maybe some new things based on systems, achievements, guild missions (new guild system), etc. I hope SSG surprises me.
  2. Haramel

    U60 Preview of Preview 2 Lammania XP Changes

    Dear fellow ddotics players let's join forces and protest in marketplace, like in the season of hearts for reincarnation... Seriously now I would strongly ask you to reconsider and not remove / transfer the first time bonus, just add extra incentives for killing mobs (we already had dozens of...
  3. Haramel

    Potenial source of new lag?

    This has happened to me a few times, including I had a DC and when I returned the hireling was the party leader. I came to think that in the future we will have hirelings opening lfm in our place hahaha.
  4. Haramel

    U60 Preview of Preview 2 Lammania XP Changes

    Thanks for fast return and show another proposal buyt you dont understand what the community said in +30 pages : look that we dont want (or most of us players) that the "First Time Bonuses" per difficulty are being removed and transferred to another place; that we players dont want get...
  5. Haramel

    U60 Lammania Preview 1 - XP System Adjustments

    I'm trying to understand your point. Are you saying that the work implemented to "reduce lag" ended up increasing the lag?
  6. Haramel

    U60 Lammania Preview 1 - XP System Adjustments

    In the reincarnation system where you have to repeat the same quests over and over most players have already explored all the quests and there is no incentive for further exploration. It is very tiring to repeat content. DDO is a great game, but, sometimes, it seems you can't find solutions that...
  7. Haramel

    Do you DDO player want the New XP System Adjustments will come on the U60?

    As we already saw in the first preview of the U60 we will have a not "required" adjustment in the xp system. I would like, if possible, to know your opinion about increasing the time spent on a quest to gain the xp bonuses you gained from first time and bravery.
  8. Haramel

    Why the rush?

    Me too, but SSG insists on harming the exhausting (but optional) experience of reincarnation. With more time in quest for xp bonus those who consume xp potion will have to consume more xp potions :whistle:
  9. Haramel

    U60 Lammania Preview 1 - XP System Adjustments

    Sorry for my words: bad design decision. It is already tiring and boring to do the same things over and over in each reincarnation. But it's a personal experience and a valid argument is: you are not obligated to do reincarnation. Instead of stimulating the up, it will cause the opposite...
  10. Haramel

    8k DDO???????

    8k ddo points.................... but is a supporter pack. Lucky players (who get paid in dollars) will get this awesome supporter pack. I hope that DDO be well supported so a humble player (who lives in south america) can play casually, because there isnt price localization for other countries...