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    Maze of Madness

    To be safe, you can get mikayl, lvl 11 fighter hireling with dimension door dragonmark. You need one to pull the lever anyway. Otherwise, I dont think you can get out.
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    Shake Ups - Looking for a new build - sorc or melee

    Looks like the perfect time for those mob dodge changes! :ROFLMAO:
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    Carrion Swarm save is "every few seconds". What it means ?

    Ah, more vague descriptions. As if the game was designed by a 10 year old.
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    DDO Bonus Days!

    Yeah, it doesn't look at all, like they lowered the base bonus, so that the rest can be resold as part of your VIP benefits.
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    What 1 or 2 things are keeping you in DDO?

    the sunk cost fallacy
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    To SSG; The endgame and the mountain we climb

    To sum up the thread, the wealthy are telling the poor that money wont make you happy.
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    Symbol of Flame? Is this spell COMPLETELY useless?

    It's not just bad, it's Islamabad!
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    Busy Morning For Cordo

    This new forum feature is great, we didnt have hookers on the old ones.
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    DDO Bonus Days!

    Feels like crafting xp boost is once every two week, interchanging with challenge mats boost.
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    Suggestion: Condense Bigbies Hands

    Having multiple color bigby hands is a great way to clutter the silver/gold dice rolls tables. So they'll probably stay as is. :confused:
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    second wind/stalwart defender. give fighters more love

    Giving fighters second wind was already a ton of love. Not locked to any tree, no cost, more base charges than loh. Why even have a paladin class anymore? Now also fighter is getting a much better archetype with str version of divine might. That's enough love.
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    Give pale masters consistent negative immunity stripping

    Do post a build for alchemist bombardier using multiple elements. Spoiler: all multivials are on the same cooldown and that's the only spell that does significant damage. Alch without stripping is just dead.
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    Blanket nerfs

    And what are YOU trying to accomplish?
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    Alternate to Raiding: Is it time?

    I want racial ap without having to do racial reincarnations, there's no skill in leveling to 20 40-something times it's just a time sink for people who don't have time. Not having them locks me out of all meta builds. Don't force me to play the game the way you do. 🤡
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    Update 66 Preview 1 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    Bombardier capstone multivial can't be ground targetted, regular multivial can.
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    Lamannia U66 Preview 1 Release Notes

    Are we getting only one archetype this year? Not a pack of three like previously?
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    Epic Phiarlan Mirror Cloak with old augment slot

    this happens with items that are "exclusive"
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    A Look at 2024, Year of the Dragon! - Producer's Letter

    Feedback as in report bugs (QA), our opinions about rebalance we can leave at the door.
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    Axel: Response to Josh Strife Hayes Worst MMO Ever Video

    Just tell him he doesn't have to play if it's not his flavor.
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    Hey Tonquin!

    The same meteor swarm bug also applies to all alchemist multivials, sla included. With quicken applied selectively through right click, multivial/meteor launches one fewer projectile than with usual quicken (or without any quicken). And that's a known bug ;)