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    Where does the responsibility lie?

    As of this past Monday when we last played, he had neither his character nor any update about it. The character in question is a first life toon, so no cache, but he did use the bank space quite a lot. But again, it's all still awol. We'll have to see.
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    Snowpeaks Silver coins - really?

    Treasure Of Crystal Cove allows doubloon trades at 7:1 both upgrade and downgrade.
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    Where does the responsibility lie?

    A friend of mine lost a character like this a few weeks ago. Out of the blue, his level 19 dwarf ranger was gone. No sign of ever existing. He and I are currently on the reinc train with different characters, so he at least had that character to play in the meantime. However, the missing toon...
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    Morning Lord Maul

    Maybe adding it as a favor weapon with the weapon training similar to how dwarves and woodelves do?
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    DDO debugging issues (as crowdsourced by many players advice)

    Ran into the "connection to patch server" problem, and after messing around with things for a good while, the -disablepatch thing worked first try. Thank you so much for the help and easy-to-follow pictures!
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    An Iconic Dwarf from Mror Holds?

    I've long wanted to see a Deep Dwarf iconic along side the Deep Gnome. Assuming they wouldn't want to iconics of the same class AND being a ftp class, we only have Sorcerer, Druid, and Warlock left. I could see a Duergar Warlock or Druid iconic being really cool. An Underdark patron specific to...
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    Lamannia Update 64+ Feedback: Legendary Chronoscope

    I dug up this account on the forums that I haven't used in YEARS just to add my voice to folks saying the lockout is terrible. In general lockouts suck, but I can understand putting them in legendary raids before the end. I don't agree with it, but if the loot is supposed to be that powerful...
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    Sudden "Wrong Password" problem

    A friend of mine crashed mid-dungeon, and when he tried reloading he was told his password was incorrect. After a few attempts to make sure he wasn't fat fingering something or caps lock was on or some such, he clicked "forgot password?" to reset it. And he never got the email. Checked spam...