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  1. gravisrs

    Dragonborn breath dissapointment

    Draconic incarnation Dragon breath takes ~60% nerf in next patch - 50% less base damage (including gaping maw) - drops from 2d6+20 to 1d6+10 per CL - 33% from MCL adjustements - MCL drops from 30 to 20 - cooldown is reduced by 20%, so it's actually 20% increase in DPS, still not helping this...
  2. gravisrs

    U66 Preview 2: Tumble Changes

    Recharge should take: 800 / (100 + your tumble skill) = in seconds. OR 400 / (50 + your tumble skill) = in seconds. OR 200 / (25 + your tumble skill) = in seconds To utilize tumble skill somehow. Otherwise why bother taking more than 1 point?
  3. gravisrs

    The DDO Players Council is accepting new applications!

    It would be hard to execute NDA outside US, so I guess there won't be many foreigners accepted.
  4. gravisrs not working anymore - do we have a mirror for that superb cc planer? stopped working prolly last week :(
  5. gravisrs

    Cleaning out the old...

    There are few random things that were better back in the days. Let someone evaluate your stuff.
  6. gravisrs

    No Hardcore In 2024?

    Each round of HC was draining some players that was never coming back to DDO (live servers) ever after. I think it's time to stop this population decay, at least for 2024.
  7. gravisrs

    Suggestion- make mounts/pets(/airships) server transferable

    I don't think this will happen. This is one way of monetising server fragmentation. It doesn't bring SSG much income, but surely is non-zero.
  8. gravisrs

    VIP - server mail transfers

    Cross-server game economy should be limited as is - to character transfers only. Simply because you cannot transfer astral shards or other server-specific things - so it won't be a real economy.
  9. gravisrs

    Please Run the Festival of the Traveler this year, one more time.

    I like how they revamped Mabar, Crystal Cove or Ice skating ones. Why not to revamp (or recycle in any way) Traveler? 1. Make new champion type that spawns chest with the traveler tokens OR just add tokens to chest loot tables during the event. 2. Make blessing obtainable in some other way than...
  10. gravisrs

    Lava Divers has moved to Argonnessen

    Yeah we already tasted the evaluation from Zergasaurus, looks like all endgame guilds on Argo are noobs now :) TBH Good to have you here! Welcome aboard. Just hope you did a research about lags on Argo beforehand and it's not a "surprise". That r1 Skelly moment when trash spawns with vecna hand....
  11. gravisrs

    China bans Daily Dice.

    It shouldn't be hard to remove Daily Dice only for specific IP pools. But moving servers to the country that is famous from having zero intellectual rights for foreign technologies, way too risky. Look how they cloned WoW in Tarisland, they even steal assets from World of Warcraft (and for the...
  12. gravisrs

    WTB collectables

    elemental ingots x10 polished ores x10 wavecrasher cargo manifests x5 Just post it on AH/ASAH or mail me directly on hardcore: Pomyslowy PS. Can we have Marketplace sub-forums for each server?
  13. gravisrs

    Is the client crashing due to audio bugs with dinosaurs ever going to be fixed?

    Its either your soundcard/headphones crappy driver or your bluetooth crappy driver. I've fixed this on my all machines by using brand BT dongle, and not using microsoft default sound drivers. Stop buying hardware on aliexpress ;p
  14. gravisrs

    number of augment slots balanced?

    You know they had a curse card bonus that was giving extra augment slot? Had to be removed once cleansing card was introduced obviously. This means there are no technical problems to introduce some new uber crafting type that allows to "add" extra augment slots to any item/weapon in game.
  15. gravisrs

    FYI Each gold festivult coin turned-in gives you ~21% chances for 6 curse cards of one type

    My opinion is more mine than your opinion. Ok, I was wrong, there are trees in the desert.. I mean you can drop cards from silvers and coppers. Chances are close to zero, but non-zero! I've updated previous post. You're welcome.
  16. gravisrs

    Hey Tonquin!

    Eating all 5 Abishai cookies no longer gives Abishai Destroyer buff.
  17. gravisrs

    FYI Each gold festivult coin turned-in gives you ~21% chances for 6 curse cards of one type

    It's irrelevant, for silvers it's 1% chances times 20% chances is one (6 cards) roll every 500 turn-ins (1000 silver coins). I've just turned-in 2000 silvers, and got only one card roll (6 uncanny cards). For copper you prolly need to hit "higher table coin" twice, 1% times 1% times 20% - one...
  18. gravisrs

    FYI Each gold festivult coin turned-in gives you ~21% chances for 6 curse cards of one type

    Mostly the gold (20% each turn in). Silvers gives only silver-specific cookies, but have ~1% to get gold table - and then may give cards. 6 cards (one roll) in about 500 turn-ins (1000 coins). Don't bother. Coppers gives twigs, coal and sunflasks alot, but have ~1% to get silver table - and...
  19. gravisrs

    FYI Each gold festivult coin turned-in gives you ~21% chances for 6 curse cards of one type

    Sample based on 3500 gold coins turn-ins: - 1170 Otherworthly - 990 Forbidden - 1266 Uncanny - 1056 Accursed = 4482 curse cards This means at average one gold coins gives a little bit more than one card, 1.28 to be exact basing on my sample. Also the chances are rather set to 20% than 25%. With...
  20. gravisrs

    Hey Tonquin!

    Isn't the nature of changing cookie buffs every year that prevents from being storable in Crafting Storage?