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    Update 63 Release Notes

    About the lines: The way it's written seems to imply that the cards only drop during the event and are not the normal drop from the new quests. Is that correct?
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    Unable to damage enemies

    No, i didn't tumble but i did use the block button. The thing is that i could walk through the bars without problem and find odd that i couldn't kill the mobs and boss after using the epic destiny feats and action boost. I kited the monsters down to the cemetery while healing and still was...
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    Unable to damage enemies

    During the Delera's graveyard quest (lvl 37) in the last boss fight i got affected by the dance spell and a minotaur pushed me inside the bars of the mausoleum. I could go out of them but after that i couldn't deal damage with melee and spells (it didn't do any dice rolls), i could only heal...
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    About Eternal Rage III (Fury of the Wild)

    I have tested it and don't seem to proc if you are under Primal Scream. I also have Cannith Combat Infusion (Legendary Hammerfist). I waited for Primal Scream to end and after killing 4 or 5 monsters i get Eternal Rage to work. Do any of them count as Rage or just was bad luck that it didn't...