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    DDO Points not awarded

    Thank you for the advice. Ticket properly submitted. Please delete the thread, if needed.
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    DDO Points not awarded

    Hello! Was earning favor yesterday. The points are not showing in the store transactions. I noticed the store was down for most of the day yesterday. Were DDO points earned during that time not awarded?
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    Connecting to patch server....

    Connecting to patch ser...stops at 33%, server times out continuously. My connection, checked multiple times, is solid. This has been happening for two hours now. Server issue?
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    Inventory full

    Initially, get all of the free storage bags from various NPCS. They are: Small Gem Bag (blue, cap. 6) - Fitzpat the Fence (Harbor) Small Collectables Bag (red, cap 12) - Baudry Cartamon (Harbor) Tiny Ingredients Bag (green, cap 12) - Felix d'Cannith (Harbor, at Marketplace entry) or Vertigo...