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    Hey Tonquin!

    The legendary feat elemental form specialty is not granting any bonus MCL/CL to druid spell storm of vengeance and the SLA. Storm of vengeance does acid and lightning damage. I am in water elemental form. Thorn/force spells do get a bonus to caster levels but no spellpower and spellcrit bonus.
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    Suggestion: Sagas reward : Card of Curse Cleansing

    Technically they do make the item worse since comparatively the item is worse then the “perfect version” But have fun getting +2 swim on ur mythic 3 reaper 2 raid helmet. To then find a cleanser after 10000 hours (wich is not an overstatement), cleanse the helmet and get +2 concentration. Spend...
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    SSG: Let's talk about Reaper crafting (and how to improve it)

    IMO reaper crafting is flawed in the sense that there are really only 3 good crafts to make for my caster (hat and rings) The others just feel like a huge waste of shards so I am not using any on those. Sitting on 200+ shards atm and just saving for the next expansion or if the system is ever...
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    Controversial: The DDO Parser, is it time?

    Tbh Elminster is very productive if it comes to making me laugh out loud.
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    Unleash the fire

    Has anyone tested if the effects on the Verna raid weapons: unleash the fire and unleash the lightning proccing on spells? Do they scale with spellpower? And is it worth grinding for? THX
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    Epic Strikes need shared CD removed ASAP.

    Funny how they could remove the only good strike entirely and homogenise all the caster strikes to being crappy feelsbad filler junk.
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    Epic Strikes need shared CD removed ASAP.

    Meh, this tree is not with it at all for a caster imo. The half decent stuff is locked in the t4, prism dps is abysmal, epic strike is just a way worse Color spray with a smaller hit box and a little tickle of damage. And oh yeah the cores offer nothing additional for a caster. T5 is also very...
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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various combat styles while leveling?

    What combat style you use and hoe effectively you do depends on the build entirely. Generally thf is best for leveling and might fall off in single target dps at lvl cap. Swf/twf might be a bit harder to build around but probably best at cap and generally speaking worse at levelling. Swf > go...
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    It is time to increase THF damage multiplier

    i see a lot of melee builds demolishing r10 wether they’d be twf, swf or thf it doesn’t really matter. They all seem to have their niche and can all do really well. Shouldn’t the question be wether SSG even wants them to be on par for raid DPS a n high skull raids? Do the devs even care about...
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    Elemental damage and Immunities... a rethink

    I actually like the concept and certain cc types being tied to certain spell damage types but it seems that’s bit unreliable and possibly way too op to have 70% crit chance and just mass stun mobs on any spell with a crit :p I think removing immunity stripping and introducing more resistance...
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    Suggestion: Sagas reward : Card of Curse Cleansing

    Curse system as is is just a feelsbad system. Spellpower curses on my melee gear, melee power on my caster gear. Triple butterflies curses on my minmaxed gearset. Bard songs no one ever asked for. Even when I roll a caster curse on my caster gear it’s gonna be useless 9/10 times due to not...
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    It is time to increase THF damage multiplier

    THF needs a buff for their raid DPS when casters are in the sorry state that they are with half the DPS and a mana bar that depletes in 15 minutes to top it off?
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    Epic Strikes need shared CD removed ASAP.

    I tried post u66 shiradi on my druid, thought the -saves from track, added damage to fey lights and helpless dmg on the mantle could make it worth. No, it is still terrible haha
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    Salt ray does not stun reapers

    I am not respeccing anything, it took so much effort to get my Druid as strong as it is now. Paying for toolkits and grinding 100s of hours to chase the next op build is just not in it for me. I am either playing my char as is and waiting for the next destiny pass, playing my alt or just...
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    Salt ray does not stun reapers

    I am playing a dragonlord, it’s a first lifer with 2 no fail aoe instakills, cc and dps that clears (R10) content faster then my minmaxed completionist Druid with 100+ lives. It is absolutely hilarious, I want to try and make a vid to show what kind of an abomination the devs have made. It is...
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    Mysterious ring

    Would make sense if the ring was craftable to 20/30 with sands mats and possibly even rerollable for sands mats and maybe tokens of the 12
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    Mysterious ring

    Yep, that’s what I find so cool about it. Does the set bonus increase aswell tho when you upgrade it to the epic/legendary version respectively?
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    Mysterious ring

    We are not talking about the same ring are we?
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    Mysterious ring Mysterious ring is such a cool item, why is there no epic/legendary version of it?
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    You can easily farm the wraps from “a cabal for one” in gianthold probably the best ones at level since they have adamantine and an expanded crit range. They also come with two augments slots, if you run more gianthold quests for the xp and the relics or whatever they are called you can then buy...