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    How much longer will DDO survive?

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    Turn Based Mode is Awesome! + Some Requests to Improve It.

    I did not hated IV, played it alot actually. But III is head and shoulders above any other from the series. To each their own i guess :)
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    Eternal Flask needs cooldown reset after exiting adventure.

    It's not fiscally responsible to make this change. Or something like that probably.
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    Major Announcement about downtime.

    What i like about this post is that even with full game wipe and all data lost, SSG would not make merged server but 4-5 different ones. Makes it feel realistic.
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    Turn Based Mode is Awesome! + Some Requests to Improve It.

    You lost me right here brother.
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    New Tumble is Dumb

    Just to make myself clear. I liked the unlimited experimental tumble the best. But i guess if I can't have that, better this than the old school one.
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    Update Number 2! Im sure you know where this is leading to...

    I have heard that to compensate, they will release full blown new MMO, DDO2. And every player will receive a handwritten letter with apologies from the team. VIP will additionaly get the letter delivered by special postman, that will sing the letter to them.
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    Poll: Should SSG do something for players due to the weekend downtime?

    I only accept human sacrifices. Maybe animal sacrifices too, but only if done by vegan, to deepen the sacrifices meaning.
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    DDO unavailable: Saturday March 30th

    Just say it wont be up until late tuesday. Without any context or details provided, im just assuming that "the fix" is impossible atm. a) responsible SSG staff is on holidays b) some other party required to assist is on holidays c) both a and b are correct
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    New Tumble is Dumb

    I knew it! I knew they worship the Devourer!
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    Average day in stormreach

    I just woke up, washed up on a shore somewhere. Cant remember ****, just that i was heading to the Stormreach Harbor. I have heard stories before, about the city and its districts, how its creazy and people there are just different... but oh boy, i wasnt prepared for the wackiness. Some hobit...
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    New Tumble is Dumb

    I, for once, am happy with how devs changed the tumble. I just disabled the ugly UI bar, otherwise it works just fine.
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    Will DDO increase overall difficulty?

    You have my vote for the worst idea posted on these forums so far. Bravo. There is no other thing that players of any game, ever made in the history of mankind, hate more than being punished by unpredicteble unobserveable circumstances. It would be a great accomplishment of a mind to figure...
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    Where does the responsibility lie?

    this is awfull. Will keep an eye on this thread to see if/how it gets addressed by the devs. Why would i buy content for MMO that can just delete my stuff randomly for no reason?
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    No Hardcore In 2024?

    No. I just want game that is way harder than current state of ddo. Reaper enhancements is failed concept, there has to be different kind of reward for pushing skulls than more power. TR is interesting but also annoying and if players actually spent time at the cap more, the small player base...
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    No Hardcore In 2024?

    If they created a server that has no TR options and no reaper enhancements (but still reaper difficulty enabled) I'd play it to the death.
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    No Hardcore In 2024?

    Came back to DDO for Hardcore seasons. Gonna check back in 2025 :)
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    DDO Store Fail

    Since the new "upgraded" store, the game scammed me several times. How? 1. I try to purchase points 2. Store acts as if payment or something went wrong 3. I try to repeat the process, since i always use single use virtual credit cards (EU bank security W) so its entirely possible for me to...
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    Wilderness Only Expansion

    I voted NO, but i like wilderness areas. I just don't like what OP is suggesting. Give me another Ravenloft that is good for slayers and rares but also convenient for teleporting to the quests. It should be obvious to the devs what people like. How often do you see LFM for Ravenloft Slayer? I...
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    Stats from hardcore that we would love to see

    My guess is that the number of players that sets traps (via trap making) is somewhere between -1 and 0.