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  1. Weaponalpha

    New player, first life need help and some wisdom.

    From Can this game actually be played without spending a dime?[edit] RoBi3.0's Free to Play Guide. Everything you need to know to get the most out of this game. Credit goes to everyone who contributed in this thread on the official forums. (Note that while many of the tips still...
  2. Weaponalpha

    VIP program is going to literally cost SSG money - not a whiny quit post

    This is in response to OP original post, if you have been subscribed in the past and not logged in you missed out on daily and weekly rolls including the daily-weekly rolls for a year or so and those are not retroactive either. Post a toon next to whoever grants the monthly reward and on the...
  3. Weaponalpha

    New VIP Loyalty Reward Plan ... Thoughts ?

    Name these games.
  4. Weaponalpha

    SSG, Please Fix Your Lag-Broken Game

    So the grass in Orien was in fact greener but super thick and hard to move around in.
  5. Weaponalpha

    A Message to Our Players From SSG

    They could give away daily otto's boxes on LOTRO and i would still rather play DDO...
  6. Weaponalpha

    Total Past Life Benefits

    Congratulations? Clearly,the "Who cares?" was directed at the length of time, not the accomplishment. Again, the "Who cares?" was directed at the length of time, not the accomplishment. More "grind" equals more fun to be had. Bring on more of everything please. More races, more classes, more...
  7. Weaponalpha

    Total Past Life Benefits

    If it takes 5, 10 or 20 years who cares? What else are you going to waste, I mean spend your time on? I just accumulate pls as I play different builds for fun. Fun. You know? That thing games are meant to be about? I plan on using that free +20 heart we got ages ago after I use a +1 I got from a...
  8. Weaponalpha

    Downtime Notice: Wednesday, March 27th 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT)

    They share a cooldown. I was very sad when I discovered that...
  9. Weaponalpha

    top chain builds atm?

    Uncanny Dodge and Improved Uncanny Dodge grant + 1% at Levels 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, and 20 of Rogue or Barbarian, respectively. The bonuses from Uncanny Dodge and Improved Uncanny Dodge do not stack with one another. Uncanny Dodge also provides a clicky with temporary +25% (temporary), which ignores...
  10. Weaponalpha

    How much dodge bypass do enemies have in Reaper skull 1 on legendary?

    Does Lightbearer and Souless Champ's Uncanny Aim bypass dodge?
  11. Weaponalpha

    Is there a way to opt out of VIP XP bonus?

    You completely missed the point. I was saying that I found playing all content, classes, races, etc. for the first time the most enjoyable and this is what new players have to look forward to. This was in response to someone saying that new players have so much "grind" ahead of them and that was...
  12. Weaponalpha

    Is there a way to opt out of VIP XP bonus?

    As someone who has been on both sides of the 189 past lives i can say that while i enjoy the power i now posess i would gladly trade it for a "do over" and to just now being exposed to DDO and all the joys that await me. Even doing over races and classes that i will never play again was new and...
  13. Weaponalpha

    Selling items in a dungeon run for shards?

    I assume you were just using Tokens of the Twelve as example since anyone who would charge even 1 AS is a blankety blank. I would personally never use it but like most other things I don't care for am not opposed to others using it. Once they address lag and other bugs though.
  14. Weaponalpha

    Pros & Cons of Kobolds & or Goblins as PC options

    Would love to see Kobold as new race but idc about Goblin other than it would get us an additional AP so yay. I heard the next Iconic and new race is going to be a Sub-race of Halfling known as a Rager which goes with the new Barbarian Archetype. They can only be Barbarians and must be Chaotic...
  15. Weaponalpha

    Is there a way to opt out of VIP XP bonus?

    How would leveling slower be any different than just staying at level cap and finishing all quests in your level range? You would continue to gain favor, rxp, mm xp... kinda like how HC has been run since conception or how many run on live gaining favor. Instead of focusing on your level just...
  16. Weaponalpha

    does Advanced Ninja Training stack with surken experience?

    According to wiki yes but ive never ran a shuriken build so cant confirm Stacking[edit] I wonder how Advanced Ninja Training stacks with Shuriken Expertise. Some testing implied they do stack, but I am not solid on the math on how they interact. A doubleshot build I had was some times getting 4...
  17. Weaponalpha

    That was a rippoff

    Seems pretty straight forward, Heroic box- 2mil xp Epic box- 2mil xp Improved epic box- 4mil xp No where does it say anything about what level will it get you to since this depends entirely on the toons current level, what life they are on, any tomes of learning, ship buff, voice of master, xp...
  18. Weaponalpha

    That was a rippoff

    Opinion: Otto's Boxes are too expensive, p2w, unnecessary, should be banned... Fact: No one has to buy one.
  19. Weaponalpha

    That was a rippoff

    OP knows how to use a computer. Knows about forums. Knows that a certain amount of xp is required to achieve each level. Knows that an Epic Box gives base 2 mil xp. Knows about xp pots and other xp boosts since they used them. Op uses xp stone and gains enough xp to lvl from 21 to 25. If they...
  20. Weaponalpha

    That was a rippoff

    I'm sorry, what exactly was not understood about exactly how much xp would be gained by purchasing an Epic Otto's Box? The information on almost all things DDO can be found on ddowiki or with forum search including how to maximize xp gained while consuming an Otto's xp stone. Stone of...