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    Wizard: Eldritch Knight seems too good

    It really is fun. I have a couple toons that I had run as pure casters. Perfectly serviceable, but I just have so much more fun when I play them as hybrids. Even on my main, which has all the pastlives needed for a caster, I always end up back at a hybrid melee/caster build. Sure, blowing up...
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    Search By Set Name

    Yes please, at a minimum this should be added. I would still like to see a "Collections" type tab added for named/set items, but that might take a bit of work. A chance like the one suggested here seems like it should be comparatively easy though.
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    Fix - Tumbling as movement speed increase

    I see what you mean. To clarify, when I said "the problem with the older version...", I was guessing at what the devs would pinpoint as the problem. In the first paragraph, I was speaking as a player. The root issue is that the way players view movespeed and how the devs (apparently, based on...
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    Shield Deflection feat and Orbs

    I don't recall if orbs were ever unable to bash period, but I do recall them having damage. Looking over a few on the wiki, they have the base damage but no enhancement bonus (So they show 1d4+0/1d6+0/etc.) I know you can manually bash with them, as I recall proccing the temp SP from Golden Orb...
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    Shield Deflection feat and Orbs

    Well, you can bash with an orb, if you manually attack while shield blocking. I just don't know if the auto-bash effects work with orbs (Although they might, since at least one named orb has Shield Bashing on it). I'd hope they do, but I can't test that until later.
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    Fix - Tumbling as movement speed increase

    Those are rookie numbers! I'm not sure what your point is here. The movespeed issue in this game is that there's no difference (in quests, at least) between in and out of combat movespeed. When quests are designed with multiple large packs of mobs, and a lot of players are trying to run quests...
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    Shield Deflection feat and Orbs

    I'd love to see some interaction between orbs and some shield effects. At a minimum I would like to see Shield Deflection apply. I'd even be down to have the Shield Mastery feats apply, but only as if the orb were treated as a small shield or buckler. I don't know if orbs benefit from bashing...
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    I want to TR my main into a dragonlord fighter, but dealing with my TR cache is so frustrating that I'm gonna play something else this weekend.

    I am once again asking for the devs to add all BtA loot to a collection catalogue that was cam use to create items once they're logged. There were a couple posts on the idea a few weeks ago, but they didn't get much traction. The basic idea is a collection tab similar to what WoW has for...
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    This Game is suppose to be "fun" with "Creativity"

    OP is using psyop tactics, big braining us all.
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    Messege to the "New" players, do you want us veterans to leave because of how we play?

    Some people are just asses, and some of those people happen to be vets. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) SSG doesn't do software patches for ID-10T hardware issues. I find it more useful to just mark and avoid said persons than deal with them again.
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    Messege to the "New" players, do you want us veterans to leave because of how we play?

    Just the sucky ones who need bugs to get "teh beeg deeps" ;) I'm not a fan of any bugs, even when they benefit me. I've reported a few bugs in my time; the secret doubleshot from racial AA Final Strike, the spellpower scaling on Fan of Knives. The problem is that sometimes you can't tell what...
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    Wizard: Eldritch Knight seems too good

    EK is really the epitome of a hybrid build. By default, it is a solid nuker and solid melee tree. It lacks some defenses compared to a similarly geared fighter, though you usually have more reliable self-healing options. It also lacks some of the offensive casting support of a more dedicated...
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    DDO Bonus Days!

    I didn't think Treasure Hunter applied to the additional reaper/mythic boosts on loot, only a higher roll on the base effects? I know there was some debate on this a few years ago, but I don't recall what the final word was.
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    Shield proficiency feat before and after fighter level

    I'm a little confused by what exactly you'd be doing. If you're using a heart of wood to swap a toon from 18/2 to 17/2/1, then you won't have to worry about swapping the feat out as you'll have to re-select all your feats anyhow. Then it's just a matter of swapping around when you'd take...
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    DDO Bonus Days!

    Double plot twist-we get both!
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    A bag to hold Experience Point Gems (from Daily Dice)

    As someone with far too many alts, but only one toon I regularly play on, any source of shared xp like this would be a huge win. I like having a bunch of different toons with different playstyles, but having to justify leveling them versus leveling for another pastlife on my main is hard to do...
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    Orchid got nerfed HARD. BYE EVERYONE

    Idk, if we get the skill at epic lv 0/1, I'm okay with them feeling like a comparatively lower-level spell in epic content. How many players do you see using lv 1 damage spells, even with full metas, in late heroics-nevermind epics? The fact that the epic strikes have functionality and scaling...
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    Messege to the "New" players, do you want us veterans to leave because of how we play?

    If, by "how we play" you mean "how some players exploit bugs and then post about said bugs on the forums to showcase the damage and directly helps the devs identify what is bugged", then I would support any newcomers who want that playstyle to stop. It was double-dipping on spell effects in a...
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    Arrows and level of use

    First off, to expand on the arrow usage selection: By default, you'll use arrows (like any item) from top to bottom, left to right in your inventory. Items in earlier bag tabs will be used before the later ones. If you have a quiver equipped, then you'll use those first, from top to bottom. As...
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    Improved trip bug or wai?

    This makes sense and matches with what I was seeing. I figured it was just a coding issue for whatever effect I had at the time adding to trip.