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  1. mbartol

    Poll: Will Dragon Lord get nerfed?

    It is known
  2. mbartol

    Yes you can still get Astral Shards on gold rolls

    Sure beats a stack of 5 holy aura scrolls
  3. mbartol

    Stealth changes to quests

    It probably wouldn’t be as bad sitting through a cut scene like in Just Business so much if timers stopped ticking down during the forced wait period. I pretty much just stockpile any pots I ever earn because I hate the feeling that I need to rush through content. It ends up making the...
  4. mbartol

    VIP - Q1 2024

    Not exactly—the daily gold roll was announced in the producers letter, so about 10 months. It’s funny how they can be to the letter to end the perk for VIPs, but take an extra sixteen months to get some value added to the VIP program. That kinda makes you feel valued, right? They should have...
  5. mbartol

    I want

    I want a squirrel!
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    VIP program is going to literally cost SSG money - not a whiny quit post

    Not that you lose any particular reward (you just pick up the next in the sequence), you can fall behind and end up claiming fewer rewards than you would be entitled to (since you paid for them). In essence, you do lose the rewards on the back end UNLESS you pay for additional months. Some...
  7. mbartol

    Thank you, SSG.

    AT&T just paid out $5 to customers that were impacted by the downtime back in February.
  8. mbartol

    Where's the Ravenloft Bottle of Mist in the store?

    Yup, same hireling model with a new skin.
  9. mbartol

    Where's the Ravenloft Bottle of Mist in the store?

    Same with teleport destinations from spell or clickies. Also similar are multiple versions of elements when casting protection/resist. I too continue to learn new features in the game. I just learned a few months ago that you can drag more than 8 items into a trade window & it simply adds a...
  10. mbartol

    Where's the Ravenloft Bottle of Mist in the store?

    You think that’s a bottle? 🫢 However, if they offer the bottle, they need to work on the back-end to make your account qualify for owning the top tier bundle. If they release the actual Ravenloft bundles, then they have to figure out how to make the VIP access codes work. The easier CoA is...
  11. mbartol

    Should Cordovan host Devs on a livestream to discuss how this VIP Loyalty Program came to be?

    Rather than having to talk to an NPC each month, a token (like anniversary tokens) could drop in your inventory on the 1st of each month. If your account is VIP, you qualify and get the token. This way you receive the advertised benefits of VIP that you paid for, even if you can’t log in...
  12. mbartol

    ETA on Level Cap Increase

    Than Thanks for the link. I know that I read the Producer’s Letter, but didn’t remember the level being stated. Comes with age, I suppose.
  13. mbartol

    Do you regain access to VIP Reward mount if earn it, then loose VIP and rejoin later?

    Like rabidfox said—unless you actually interact with the npc each month, you will lose out on the monthly benefits. You need to re-read the posts where Cordovan explained this.
  14. mbartol

    ETA on Level Cap Increase

    Did they ever state what level the cap will be raised to this time? I’ve seen speculation that it would be a 2 level increase each time, but not sure if SSG ever said anything about it.
  15. mbartol

    Where's the Ravenloft Bottle of Mist in the store?

    And likely zero progress on resolving the functionality issue.
  16. mbartol

    VIP Perk Suggestions

    Or Cellimas Villuhne
  17. mbartol

    Malchor's Undersun Goggles - Anyone know of a compiled listing of areas in the game these are usefull? or is it just in the Underdark wilderness?

    Rainbow in the dark would be thematic, since it’s designed to be dark. Although I’ve never experienced issues with Mad Tea Party, may as well have it functional there or in any quest that is dark. Goggles that provide magical dark vision should work in dark areas
  18. mbartol

    Why is it IMPOSSIBLE for SSG to code hirelings to behave as instructed?

    I think they may have already spread to the forums.
  19. mbartol

    VIP Perk Suggestions

    I was commenting on dur’s statement regarding Elieri being made available again. Not necessarily as a VIP perk, though a VIP gold seal hire isn’t a bad idea for one. Perhaps creating a variant of each level that would dynamically summon the version that matches the summoner level. However...
  20. mbartol

    VIP - Q1 2024

    The bottom line is many players feel deceived by the constant promises of VIP being made worthwhile, and have cancelled VIP. You can “well technically” all day long, but that doesn’t change people’s perception.