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  1. Vlander

    Are Rogues Just Bad?

    No. Tabaxi Stick build rouge is very soloable
  2. Vlander

    Can we get a skinny PDK?

    They are. Even the dance is the same
  3. Vlander

    Introducing our VIP Loyalty Reward Program!

    Still not worth continuing my VIP after it expires
  4. Vlander

    Sales: April 4th -11th

    I just used the code and it worked
  5. Vlander

    SSG: Scrap Epic Destinies and Reaper trees to reduce lag by 90%

    Add me to you data. I usually experience minimal lag (except yesterday). Normally I get the stutter type lag that's at best a bit annoying. but yesterday was bad. I also solo about 99% of the time. Raiding is basically the only time I group with anyone.
  6. Vlander

    SSG, Please Fix Your Lag-Broken Game

    There was a catch to the bonus 25% xp. In exchange you only get 25% performance
  7. Vlander

    I have no idea what's going on at this point

    Already a long thread about a bunch of players experiencing the same thing.
  8. Vlander

    SSG, Please Fix Your Lag-Broken Game

    I'm the opposite. I have run away fps. I hard capped it at 60 fps and currently at 836 fps
  9. Vlander

    SSG, Please Fix Your Lag-Broken Game

    Glad it's not just me experiencing this today. Bank took a while to open, but then kept popping open long after I left the bank. Now the loading new game 0.02kb.
  10. Vlander

    Major Announcement about downtime.

    You were really bored weren't you?
  11. Vlander

    2024 Year of the...

    I keep hearing people say the three new quests are bugged, but no one says how.I've ransacked all 3 quests with no issue so far. Is there something that bugs them out?
  12. Vlander

    Is Mad Tea Party designed to destroy Friendships and Marriages?

    I've never noticed how dark it is. I have my gamma bumped a bit so I didn't have to wear the underdark goggles. It seems to at least lighten the darker areas enough to see.
  13. Vlander

    Where is Gish?

    I've been noticing a lot of things like this the past week or so.
  14. Vlander

    Bug in Lesser Reincarnation with DragonLord

    Worked when I did mine
  15. Vlander

    changes to tumble BAD!

    Sorry, but when I saw people tumble to move faster this just pops in my head (Calm down, it's a joke)
  16. Vlander

    Is there a way to opt out of VIP XP bonus?

    How exactly do you do this? The reason I ask is I cap at 2 levels over and gain no further xp until I take a level.
  17. Vlander


    Seriously, if it's that much of an issue, just leave the server or block them. Either way you'll be better off. I haven't ran across to many toxic people on my server, so in game I just squelch them and they usually find themselves blocked or kicked from our discord
  18. Vlander

    DDO Login server not avalible

    I've been logged in for about a half hour with no issue other than the store won't open. I just logged out and back in with no issue again
  19. Vlander

    Upcoming game update 66.0.2

    I've noticed this long before the update