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  1. larrtdale

    Confusion with game play

    no had that checked out its all good
  2. larrtdale


    So how did everyone do with the free gold rolls, hopefully better than me, i was to get #2 nothing above it :(
  3. larrtdale

    Confusion with game play

    I have tried this several times including deleting and reinstalling, at the moment it happens every now and then compared to what it was doing, and yes it was doing it to all my idk...
  4. larrtdale

    Confusion with game play

    I am not sure what is going on or to fix my issue.....It seems if i stay in game for more than an hour the game will glitch out, example : when i go into a dungeon the map will not show being in the dungeon but yet out side in the common areas and this will also happen when i am in a tavern, the...