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    Introducing our VIP Loyalty Reward Program!

    Does the Lightning Trail occupy the same slot as reaper/upcoming-dragonwings ?
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    Suggestion: Sagas reward : Card of Curse Cleansing

    Total Favor 10,000 Reward, one card of curse cleansing....coming soontm
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    Remove the requirement of Tumble charges in town

    Sometimes when I'm bored waiting on party members, I'll tumble around and act goofy (jumping from rooftop to rooftop in eStar, for example). Now I can't do that :(
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    Suggestion: Sagas reward : Card of Curse Cleansing

    I don't mind cleansers being available in limited amounts, but it needs to be a very slow trickle. Putting it as a favor reward or some other once-per-life option seems about right. You put them as saga rewards and people will grind out 100 cards a day.
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    What do you do when the game is down?

    Valheim, them houses won't build themselves!
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    U67 New Loot

    On HE, Crystal test failed with 37 STR, passed with 48
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    More PL ideas:

    I'd just settle for Repair Amp clue why Bladeforged is 5% fortification (wooo!) but necros and everyone else gets amp
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    The Reaper XP problem

    This is absurd. If you have a goal of 200 past lives, why do you want to take longer per life? If you can do a life in 3 days or 30, you still want to be EFFICIENT or you’ll never have a chance at getting there. It’s not a race to the end, it’s a race to get there before the game shuts down lol
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    Hey Tonquin!

    Why is it that dissoving gear when you have the dissolvers in your crafting storage gives you ZERO platinum? It's a pain to remember to pull them out all the time if I want my platinum....and on HC platinum is a valuable thing. (and yes I'm aware that you don't always get platinum....mostly...
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    FPS degrading with each subsequent quest.

    MY framerate is just fine, but I'm noticing some weird issue with mouse movement. When holding down the right-button and scrolling left/right, I'm barely turning. But on my box account on the same computer, mouse speed is normal.
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    Nerfs have caused my husband and guildies who raid to not even want to play anymore. Thanks for ruining ddo.

    They are a historically active troll. There was a thread a while back that this person started cause their guild raids were having trouble. And, as in this thread, anyone that disagreed with them was a troll. It's amusing that people keep feeding it.
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    Nerfs have caused my husband and guildies who raid to not even want to play anymore. Thanks for ruining ddo.

    Just because people don't agree with you, doesn't make them trolls. The simple fact is that these changes were necessary for the long-term health of the game. Any time a couple abilitiers (Breath/EA) are so universally taken, they are clearly too strong. What good is it to have 13 EDs when a...
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    Bard Song Heal over Time and Druid Vigor

    I've played Bard main for years and never noticed it before, interesting.
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    Bard Song Heal over Time and Druid Vigor

    Have these always been using the same "channel" ? Just noticed this today, never noticed it before.
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    How long is the Anniversary event?

    Dunno why you looked a million places, when just looking at the patch notes would have sufficed to tell you that it runs thru Mar 12th
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    Two Handed Fighter and Tank Fighter are both good and accessible without past lives

    How many first life characters are rolling 8-deep on filigree at level 20?
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    TR'ed Today and My Sorc Past Lives are Gone

    I have over 300 TRs under my belt across multiple servers....I've never once logged out, and I've never had a problem with missing PL feats. /shrug
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    Axe question

    did you do the quest on epic elite?
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    Inquisitive Auto-Search Broken?

    Shiradi at level 14 is an accomplisment
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    Cleaning out the old...

    other than like shield clickies, most of it is junk