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  1. Uppsy

    Servers just go down ?

    Just remember you cannot control Lady Vol's Power! (As demonstrated here) :P
  2. Uppsy

    Random Gen Specials - Fashion Second hand?

    the old school armours/robes and stuff look much better imho :)
  3. Uppsy

    Where should we go after Myth Drannor?

    Id love to go to Argonessen, could get some Velah/Kor Kaza backstories going as well as some interaction with Cydonie. Perhaps even explore some Erandis Vol history too who knows. Argonessen has always been a place I've wanted to go since meeting such cool characters :)
  4. Uppsy

    The Hatchery

    The Hatchery.
  5. Uppsy

    The "New" Sunken Sewer

    I love the new changes especially hearing the original DM say a line I have never heard before at the very start of the left path. HOWEVER... Along the right path I noticed some doors which looked like they may be able to be opened as on the map there looked to be a further passageway and behind...
  6. Uppsy

    Monster Manual X: What's Next?

    I am amazed there is no spectre and vampire too! I would love to see Cloud Giants added as they're my favorite giants, I feel though eladrin should have included Ghaeles and Bralani
  7. Uppsy

    Combine Servers

    I personally feel that unfortunately while this is a good idea it is extremely unlikely. The closest thing we were going to get to the server merge was the free transfer to certain servers. I fully agree with Vox’s post unfortunately if people didn’t take advantage of this then it’s their own...
  8. Uppsy

    Demon assault: Possible bug with breakables?

    We had a bug with breakables too! Destroyed all but got no bonuses when we should have had ransack. That was just running it normally no Opts
  9. Uppsy

    Classic DDO Server

    Would love it with the modules stopping at update 1 when ToD was released
  10. Uppsy

    Predictions for 2024

    I’d like Reavers Refuge or Shavarath (devil) legendary. Perhaps a legendary ToD too with a new story. Though new story is unlikely as the recent revamps have been copy and paste
  11. Uppsy

    More quests in Stormreach please.

    Agreed. I still wish they kept the old harbour and put IQ elsewhere
  12. Uppsy

    More quests in Stormreach please.

    I love this. And if it’s a stormreach expansion perfect opportunity to bring in Jeets Cellimas Talbron and Lars. Or maybe the forgotten characters in the intro movie. I see your name a lot in posts like these with similar ideas/hopes. I thimk you and I are quite similar in how we enjoy DDO...
  13. Uppsy

    More quests in Stormreach please.

    Love this suggestion. It’s been forever since we’ve been given new quests in the houses. My favourite is phiarlan. Even tho Jorasco the most recent house to be given quests, I still want something to be put in that Jorasco Foyer space. if no adventures added then some QoL would be great with...
  14. Uppsy

    Hey Tonquin!

    Agreed, Eebilstink was a troll and Krakadoom was a minotaur Lord, also Moon-eye was a Minotaur Shaman.
  15. Uppsy

    What's your favorite load screen?

    Out of all the randomized ones my favourite is probably the Kor Kaza one. Out of all the other pre-set ones my favourite is probably the Litany of the Dead one with the 4 guys on :)
  16. Uppsy


    Then I'd argue she done a good job :P the reason why I believe she did is because Vol is supposed to sound like that due to her technically dying when she was a child (transformed into a lich by her mother). This was in Journal 5 & 6 :)
  17. Uppsy

    Variant Iconics

    I'm a huge Vol fan (as all my guildies know and friends) so anything would make me happy just to link it to her. I was the same but I also wish in Vecna Unleashed the connection was made there but unfortunately it wasn't
  18. Uppsy


    I love this idea!!
  19. Uppsy

    Variant Iconics

    Some sort of Vol Priestess iconic 😄
  20. Uppsy

    Remove flagging for GH Tor

    I’m one of the (unpopular) guys who believes that Crucible should have remained a flag quest. The story was much better then too (join all the storm clans then u get access to tor through recognition) :) but I do see your point about the whole flagging malarkey