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    Questions about Range, PLs and other builds

    Thanks I just TR'ed last night and planning on tacking on 10 levels of monk at the end of my 2 Art/ 8 Ranger inquisitive build. At the rate that I play this will keep me busy for another 3 months to get 3 Monk PLs. see ya then. me
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    Questions about Range, PLs and other builds

    Wad'up Hivemind? Wondering what the consensus is on which PLs are useful for ranged and inquisitive type characters? I mainly play one of 3 builds; Stealthy Ranger/Rogue with Trap skills, Arti/Ranger/Rogue Inquisitive or Strimtoms Acid Arrow I have: 3x Ranger, 3x Rogue, 3x Elf, 3x Halfling, 3x...
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    New VIP Loyalty Reward Plan ... Thoughts ?

    IDK? I went Premium when the game went F2P and for years I was happy just buying the content and features I wanted and ignoring the rest. I had NO FOMO and remained un-enticed by any of the seemingly endless gimicks that Turbine/Warner/SSG all pulled to try and get me to fork over more cash...
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    Why so hard?

    Why are these older raid under level 20 restrictions on gear and tokens still a thing? They should make them tradeable with coms or heart seeds - Its not going to break anybodies game if Dur gets his outdated armor for the mostly useless comsendations. FFS SSG.
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    That Inquisitive Costume

    Greetings DDO fam, hope you all had a happy whatever and are looking forward to yet another turn around the great wheel of fire, I know I am. I miss out on whatever pack that inquisitive costume came in. You know that black one that looks like van hesling...
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    The Lost Thread - Ana won't open the door

    It happened to me a few weeks ago too - I've played this chain 100 times and this was the first time I had THIS problem. I was playing a 2/6/12 Inquisitor an came into the room with guns blazing - I killed 'em all before the narrator even finished his script and Ana bugged out and wouldnt open...
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    Archer - How to get people to NOT play DDO.

    This Thread TLDR: They Said: Archers are broken and its borderline game breaking at best. Said Them: We know and we don't care because if they weren't borked, then everyone would play archers They: You are a fanboy Them: You are a naysayer They: Imma gonna quit and play 20 other games Them...
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    Archer - How to get people to NOT play DDO.

    Meh - Slot Conjour Arrows and hold your right clicker down on the mouse and use your striffing abilities to keep the aim circle on what you want dead - and volia! It ded... Keep your finger there and pretty soon you'll get the feel for how fast the game wants to spit out arrows. At some point...
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    Hardcore Season 9 - What does get extra life mean?

    I didn't think the lag on the HC sever was that bad... until my inquisitor died in a lag spike last night. My extra life didn't save me either. meh. Well that was fun? Back to the PL/RL hamster wheel.
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    Is Hardcore Season Hardcore enough?

    Maybe adding a Hardcore Randomizer button would make these extra life seasons a little more HC. Have the game randomly roll your stats,pick your starter class, race and path based on your best stat roll and then pick your appearance and name. The only interaction you can have in the character...
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    Is Hardcore Season Hardcore enough?

    I think thats because level 5 is when most players move on from Korthos, Keep and the 2nd level Harbor stuff and hit non-beginner minded dungeons like Catacombs, Saltmarsh.. etc. .... maybe?
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    Is Hardcore Season Hardcore enough?

    IDK - Kobold still hates me in hardcore. Extra life just means he gets to hate me more. This is only the second HC season that I participated in and it feels the same to me. Dead is dead... um again.
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    Hardcore Season 9 - What does get extra life mean?

    Yeah - im not sure how I feel about it... I think we need an asterisk for performance enhanced accomplishments... or just give everybody a trophy and anyone who VIPs for two consecutive months wins!!!~!~
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    You can get a swarm of mobs that can overwhelm you on the deck of that ship quest in town if you are not careful. The one where you stay the night in a camp has some hard hitting Fishmen in it that kills my squishies on elite - kill them first The giant alligator quest is full of things that can...
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    Hardcore Season 9 - What does get extra life mean?

    Sorry, this is only my second time participating in HC, last time I couldn't get a character out of the harbor - Kobold still hates me. This time I'm playing it much more carefully and I'm currently level 7, banking level 8+ until I finish up Feywild. So when I cash in level 8 I will get an...
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    So how do I play this game again?

    1. get quest 2. collect underpants 3. profit rinse/repeat Seriously, I take frequent breaks, sometimes very long breaks from the game and I know what you mean. sometimes it seems overwhelming to get back in the groove. I just recently came back to the game after a 3 year break and everything...
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    New/returning Player needing a bit of help

    First of all, Hi and Welcome... Back. If it were me, I would first try to get up to at least 1 or 2 ranks of shield smash in the vanguard tree, then work on getting divine might in the KotC tree. Next I would go for the action boost in the van tree and the smites in the KotC tree after that...
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    modern halfling inquisitor build?

    Thanks guys - just hit level 9 and feeling like the build is coming into its own - Finished Feywild , took my banked levels and am heading for IoD next. It took a few to get the hang of the play style ( dont pew,pew,pew pew - instead pew -then pew - then pew again - LOL hope that makes sense? it...
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    Arimov on Arognnessen could use more Research Diaries. Willing to Trade

    I'm naturally suspicious of these type of requests that are spammed across the forums, 'cause you know some people want nice things but dont want to put in the work... everybody has a job, family and obligations that compete for our time. But I'm also not a fan of piling on a person and being...