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  1. Toxic Aardvark

    Does anyone know where I can find a Kali build?
  2. Toxic Aardvark

    Legacy dndclient.exe

    Here's a possible solution to try first if you have not already.
  3. Toxic Aardvark

    Inherited guild (Steel Talons - L60) looking for people

    Sent you a request for invite.
  4. Toxic Aardvark


    Where exactly in the process is the error(?) occurring? Also what message is it giving you? I've seen where some people are having issues with standard credit cards and debit cards as well. Usually these are missing the zip code of the owner attached to the card. I'd suggest you look at their...
  5. Toxic Aardvark


    This may be a stupid question but have you activated the card?
  6. Toxic Aardvark

    unable to log in. Any suggestions?

    And check out Rabidfox' troubleshooting guide if you're having more than one problem.
  7. Toxic Aardvark

    unable to log in. Any suggestions?

    Also check for firewall or antivirus software asking for an ok to proceed.
  8. Toxic Aardvark

    Stuck on "loading please wait" - Ghallandra

    Are there any icons on the task bar which look like system messages? I'm suspecting that the system is waiting for an ok from a firewall or anti-virus software.
  9. Toxic Aardvark

    Stuck on "loading please wait" - Ghallandra

    Also post up the message you get at the bottom of the loading screen you're stuck on.
  10. Toxic Aardvark

    Stuck on "loading please wait" - Ghallandra

    Try resetting your graphics settings. On the launcher use the down arrow at the top, choose options then select the repair tab. Check the box that says reset game display settings then click ok.
  11. Toxic Aardvark

    Stuck on "loading please wait" - Ghallandra

    Which load screen are you stuck on, game client or in game?
  12. Toxic Aardvark

    Permanent gold seal hirelings.

    Saltmarsh has an upgrade path in the DDO Market. Feywild and Sharn currently show no upgrade options.
  13. Toxic Aardvark

    DDO FTP Leveling Guide for Dungeon Levels 1-10

    Hello everybody! I created this guide as an aid to new players running free-to-play content. I've seen a lot of questions from new players on various forums around the web asking if something like this exists. I have not seen anything other than random quest listings. Since the main request...
  14. Toxic Aardvark

    Heart of Wood on fire sale today

    I see the fire sales today include Hearts of Wood, 20% off. Is this a good deal to stock up on or wait for 25% off later?
  15. Toxic Aardvark

    Ghallanda ...getting in line to connect

    I had to repair using ddolive.exe to get it to work.
  16. Toxic Aardvark

    What Will Replace Codes?

    According to Cordavon during the latest showing of Friday at 4, the new store has a new code system that is not compatible with the current codes. Any codes you have should be claimed prior to the release of the new store tentatively scheduled for August 2nd.
  17. Toxic Aardvark

    Smaller, more affordable Support Packs Please?

    The starter pack is still available on Amazon. See this thread in the new player forum... Catacombs package on Amazon
  18. Toxic Aardvark

    I really want to like this game. I have had fun!! But now I'm level 5 and already frustrated.

    This helped me get through most quests and may be helpful to others. It is a spreadsheet which shows all quests available although it is geared toward favor grinding. Favor Tracking Spreadsheet Season 8
  19. Toxic Aardvark

    Catacombs package on Amazon

    A big thank you to all who responded! I did get the package, entered the code (in the redeem code within the store) and it worked. The account did upgrade to premium. As an aside, the store regarded this as a steam pack code. Per your recommendations, I also bought some store items and market...
  20. Toxic Aardvark

    Catacombs package on Amazon

    The Catacombs adventure pack is still available on Amazon. It has 250 DDO points, some elixirs for exp and a permanent gold seal healer and some other stuff. Is this worth the $20 asking price? If I get this, will it bump my free account to premium? Thank you for your response!