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  1. SirGoose

    Client Freezing at Quest Exit

    Is anyone else seeing this problem, the game client totally freezes at when you go to recall after question completion? It feels like the 15 year-old teleport failure bug, except that there is not any teleport failure message in chat when this happens. Eventually (5 to 10 minutes maybe) the...
  2. SirGoose

    Mouse constantly dragged to the left

    YES! Bless you, good Sir! I have a couple controllers connected, one had been wrapped in it's cord and I put it behind the monitor where I couldn't see it ... the cord had pinned the joystick left. Problem solved.
  3. SirGoose

    Mouse constantly dragged to the left

    This problem has just started happening for me, when I play DDO the mouse cursor is dragged at a constant rate to the left, without any mouse input on my part. This only happens in DDO, the mouse works fine again as soon as I close DDO or even if I put DDO in windowed mode the problem only...
  4. SirGoose

    Store Sales: August 3rd - 10th

    9 new hireling folders, done!