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  1. Galamoth

    I would pay to have a permanent test dojo

    +1 Would be a great VIP perk! Maybe with limited quests to test the builds, there are so many things I'd like to try...
  2. Galamoth

    Experimental Tumble controls

    the experimental tumble control isn't working for me... Before I was able to tumble by constantly pressing "W" and blocking... now I can't... or that was't working as intended?
  3. Galamoth

    Finally got the 13 Dragon's Treasures! [IMG]

    Finally got the 13 Dragon's Treasures!
  4. Galamoth


    My first meme haha
  5. Galamoth


    Cursed Blade of Jack Jibbers... It recently dropped for me in Khyber, In my first run with my Warchanter Bard (Driskell)... I couldn't believe it... :oops:
  6. Galamoth

    Welcome Argo Players --- First!

    Hello everyone! I would love to play raids but I know really few... Lately I only play with my brother... But would be good to learn to play some raids Greets!
  7. Galamoth

    Make optionals worth taking the time to do

    Totally agree with this! Would be a very good idea! We always talk about this in our group... A stacking % per optional compleated for named loot would be great!
  8. Galamoth

    See Who You're Playing With 2.0!

    Hello everyone! I'm Deathbringer's twin brother Playing in Khyber and Argonnessen currently
  9. Galamoth

    🤣 🤣

    🤣 🤣
  10. Galamoth

    The New Trap Alerts Need Toggle!

    The signs looks odd... I agree that should be optional (Toggle on/off)