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  1. Jhml

    New race in Myth Drannor?

    Dark Sun halflings!
  2. Jhml

    You know

    Curious me here: what are the other three games? :)
  3. Jhml

    Fix air genie

    With SM VII you can turn the tables!
  4. Jhml

    Shield proficiency feat before and after fighter level

    Yes, that is what I plan to do. The first post no longer applies. Useful info in this thread anyways for future reference, thanks.
  5. Jhml

    Game crashing only in Smash and Burn?

    Apparently it only affects certain bluetooth headphones / drivers and they can't really fix those third party things. What DDO could do is change the raptor sound file and see if that fixes it. I'm hoping they'll do that.
  6. Jhml

    Game crashing only in Smash and Burn?

    Afaik only restarting the game will fix it.
  7. Jhml

    Shield proficiency feat before and after fighter level

    I can't see anything shield related in Shiradi. Anyways, right now I'm leaning towards changing my build from rog 2 wiz 18 into rog 2 ftr 1 wiz 17, with the fighter level taken on level 2, thus no need for Fred shenanigans. Nets me two more feats, essentially, with the loss of one imbue die and...
  8. Jhml

    Farming strategies

    If the item is upgradeable, I run the grindy thingie on heroic elite, with (preferably vastly) overlevel toons for quickness. I then farm the whatevers needed for upgrade with a max level toon. Can't avoid the ransack, so numerous toons or some good luck needed.
  9. Jhml

    Arcane lvl 7 Spell List is Trash

    To add to the other L7 notes in this thread, G. Teleport - while much less useful than Teleport - still saves some legwork on occasion and SM VII has its use - if the Djinn doesn't get one-shotted, it will tie up enemies for a while.
  10. Jhml

    Precise date for Vecna Unleashed availability with store points?

    Is it known precisely what date in march VU will be available for points? 1st? 6th, after downtime?
  11. Jhml

    Korthos Rap

  12. Jhml

    We have a one-question survey for you!

    I would and have, even wrote a blog entry (in finnish) about it two years ago. It has by far the best solo play experience out of the mmorpgs I've played, it's pleasingly complicated, supports multiple playstyles, the value for money and the ability to pick and choose which things you buy is...
  13. Jhml

    Inquisitive Auto-Search Broken?

    Yup, reminded me of this classic flick & scene (33m 50s in):
  14. Jhml

    Update 66 Preview 1 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    That is literally my build, with melee, tanking and self healing capability as well. I find it a decent toon for solo play, jack of all trades master of none -sort of thing.
  15. Jhml

    Is there anything in the next update you are looking forward to? What is your opinion of these changes? What concerns?

    I'm only getting buffs, so can't complain. SD Epic Strike turning into a lightning bolt type of thing, Weird becoming a SLA instead of eating a spell slot and epic moment casting quickened. Too bad the mantle itself is still crapola, but oh well; that's why there's the full bab thingie in Divine...
  16. Jhml

    U67 Early Look: Fred's First Date

    Will we be able to change his first date into another, different first date?
  17. Jhml

    unyielding sentinel lay on hands bugs

    Yup, the cap is level 20 and that's intended. Unyielding Sentinel: Hands of the Sentinel - bug or wai?
  18. Jhml

    New Archetype Speculation

    Anything as long as it's not covered in shadows, death magic, worms and poison, yet totally doable as a paladin multiclass.
  19. Jhml

    A Work of Genius...

    Is it wrong to say this brings back some pnp gaming memories?