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  1. Cheeps

    Sales: April 18th - 25th

    I was asking for a friend.
  2. Cheeps


    Not really right to multibox with strangers. Unless there's a bring a exp friend weekend...
  3. Cheeps

    Sales: April 18th - 25th

    Why are there coupons for free aid potions but never coupons for free heal/repair kits?!?
  4. Cheeps

    Standing Stones vs Daybreak

    Standing stones + day break. They are stoned all day on a standing break.
  5. Cheeps

    Are the Dice Rigged?

    I'd like the bleeding stabilization roll swapped with the gold/silver rolls please. That way we would always stabilize and would never run out of sunflasks.
  6. Cheeps

    New VIP Loyalty Reward Plan ... Thoughts ?

    I'm thinking that the dev's will use the same lag animations from wrath of earth quest to light up the storm cloud mount. HaHa. I'm joking, but it's probably true. Brace yourselves for more lag in 12 months time! Also brace yourselves for more caster nerfs to help fix the lag storm could...
  7. Cheeps

    SSG is a gaming studio?

    SSG is dedicated to improving lag for DDO. They are doing a good job, because there was less lag before they took over. (y)
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    Sales: April 11th - 18th

    Well, there's always next week!
  9. Cheeps

    DDO Bonus Days!

    Is crafting still a thing at this point?
  10. Cheeps

    SSG: Scrap Epic Destinies and Reaper trees to reduce lag by 90%

    That's kind of normal in my experience? Not sure what line you need to say to get her to advance the quest, so I usually get someone else to talk to her.
  11. Cheeps

    Islamabad? Is this a new region in Myth Drannor? Is 'Escort' the name of the new hireling being released with the Myth Drannor expansion?

    Golem Escort is a class that mobs out in the orchard have. Could it be we are one step closer to having a playable class of Golem Escort? I don't think this class is rated R, but let me know if I'm wrong.
  12. Cheeps

    SSG: Scrap Epic Destinies and Reaper trees to reduce lag by 90%

    Epic destinies don't really do epic things after the nerf. If it gets rid of lag, get rid of the destinies?
  13. Cheeps

    Wizard: Eldritch Knight seems too good

    I'm gonna build an horc quarterstaff PM/EK next life... Then I'll complain that any builds that do more DPS than me should get nerfed. (y)
  14. Cheeps

    Sales: April 4th -11th

    I used the coupon on Thursday or Friday and it worked. Tried using it on a second account Saturday and got the expired notice. Guess we should just be happy the servers are up.
  15. Cheeps

    Sales: April 4th -11th

    Maybe the Laugh part of this sale is the dev laughing because we thought we would get 25% off this stuff. (y)
  16. Cheeps

    Commendations of Heroism

    Dupeapalooza kinda brought an end to coms of heroism era... Those raids were fun to farm back in the day, though.
  17. Cheeps

    New race in Myth Drannor?

    Now that you mention it, I'm still waiting to see if the dev's fix that faerie that's flying backwards in the fey expansion.
  18. Cheeps

    A Message to Our Players From SSG

    Kind of annoying as the people I run with were on last weekend and are not on this weekend. Doubt I'll be on this weekend, either. :confused: But hey, enjoy the boost.
  19. Cheeps

    Sands Rare chest drops, Mythic boost?

    Sands wilderness stuff drops in the raid as well.
  20. Cheeps

    New race in Myth Drannor?

    No more furries, please.