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  1. Ped Xing

    U68 Preview 1: Wild Magic & Surges General Info

    Thematically it makes sense. Sometimes the game works, sometimes it don't ...
  2. Ped Xing

    Possible little buffs for casters after nerfs

    r10 reaper caster damage needs to go up r5 and below caster damage needs to go down
  3. Ped Xing

    I dream of Jeets

    That makes sense as it's about how often i run that quest ...
  4. Ped Xing

    Hruit's influence Druid

    I play a shifter druid as well taking Evo and Greater Evo focus but not epic. EQ DC = 115 reflex, Flowers DC = 112 reflex, BogW DC = 117+4 debuff fort, Finger = 103+4 debuff fort, GCS = 99 will. I have solo'd 5x of the droam quests on r10 (will get around to finishing the chain at some point)...
  5. Ped Xing

    Ki Bolt, Magic Missiles, and Ruin Make Muggle Monks Moan

    Ya, i mean, who wants to kill 90% of the dungeon while tanking dooms and healing with EA. Totally a bad build!
  6. Ped Xing

    Vertical scaling up of VM

    Looking at SSG's track record with this game i don't think any question is below being asked.
  7. Ped Xing

    Make Just Business autocomplete for 0 xp

    Run it regularly on r10 and while it's far from my favourite quest, it rarely bugs out on me.
  8. Ped Xing

    Low-Life Pally Tank Build for Difficult Content

    Have run numerous r10s with this guy on this build - very solid++
  9. Ped Xing

    You know what's great about all this lag?

    I get to use my epic moment every fight!
  10. Ped Xing

    Should Cordovan host Devs on a livestream to discuss how this VIP Loyalty Program came to be?

    LOL! I'd love to be a fly on the wall if Cordo were to propose this! "Hey guys, the player base wants to hear your thinking on VIP rewards" "Isn't there a 20 page long thread screaming for our heads on the main page?" LOLOLOLOLOL
  11. Ped Xing

    Returning to DDO

    Casual Obsession are good folks!
  12. Ped Xing

    Fix air genie

    /Reason There is no valid reason for an air elemental ...
  13. Ped Xing

    Orchid got nerfed HARD. BYE EVERYONE

    The bit i get a chuckle out of is the OP posting a thread saying he did 172k damage in late Feb with blossom, 2 pages suggesting it's broken and going to get fixed, and now that it's fixed, he's quitting. Shame to lose players from the game - not always a shame to lose posters from the forums...
  14. Ped Xing

    OP character choices

    Has no one played (or seen) an IK sorc at cap? Outside of raids, it's the most powerful build out there. Tanky enough to take on dooms. Silly fast. High enough DCs for most content. Only weakness is they are screwed vs red named ... This is and remains arguably the strongest build in the game...
  15. Ped Xing

    DDO Bonus Days!

    2 for 1 tissues to support the new ED balances
  16. Ped Xing

    Update 66 Preview 1 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    As you said in another thread, it's a cycle.
  17. Ped Xing

    Update 66 Preview 1 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    The obvious solution is to nerf heroic spell damage...
  18. Ped Xing

    Lag - back with a vengeance

    You've been playing for long enough to know that lag has been a HUGE problem for years and years and years. It's not unreasonable to assume that SSG knows it's a problem that is bothering their player base. At this point, i think it's fair to say they flat out can not fix it.
  19. Ped Xing

    Long Cool Downs

    I cant recall precise numbers form last time i played alchy, but those numbers are a long, long way from max possible.