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  1. John3000


    Many Thanks. I never would have guessed turning off the Portrait on vitals bars would solve the FPS problems. I'll try that out after server restart if my FPS redrops. :-)
  2. John3000


    Could someone explain what actions helped fix the frame rate problem ? (the .jpg images are no longer showing up in the post) My fps have been horrible as of late... I've got a RTX-2080, and used to to have 180 fps, Now I have 80 fps during fresh login and first quests, and after a while it...
  3. John3000

    Do natural ranks of tumble really grant extra tumble charges ?

    This. Took off my armor and got another extra charge... So like you said, either bugged or WAI. Didn't see that mentioned on wiki or other forum notes. Too bad the extra charges are tied to Zero or light armor. I assumed the capped 75%/50% penalty to dodge for heavier armor type was...
  4. John3000

    Do natural ranks of tumble really grant extra tumble charges ?

    Hello, DDO wiki states : "As of Update 66, Tumbling now requires a charge to work. You start with two charges by default and spend one whenever you tumble. While you have less than your maximum charges, you gain one every eight seconds. Hold your block key to display the number of available...
  5. John3000

    Downtime Notice: Wednesday, April 24th 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT)

    This is actually a great move to keep player population up, and I say this having bought almost all content on DDO. I prefer seeing fresh players coming in and staying, rather then being a lonely envy struck uncle scrooge clinging onto my doubloons. 🤑 Old content should eventually become free...
  6. John3000

    Update 67.1 Release Notes

    Anyone know if this a buff or a nerf ? Did melee power not proc ? Or did it proc too often ? Cheers
  7. John3000

    SSG: Scrap Epic Destinies and Reaper trees to reduce lag by 90%

    Not sure you can compare HC servers to the standard servers... I seem to remember a post on the old forums that mentioned they were different server specs (supposedly to serve as a megaserver experiment) + HC gets a full database / server clean at each new season.... so the comparison is unfair...
  8. John3000

    SSG: Scrap Epic Destinies and Reaper trees to reduce lag by 90%

    G-Land was running smooth on my end.... Perhaps 300 is the sweet spot and 400 the upper limit ? They should have performance benchmarks for that stuff and prevent over population.... Though I still don't know why they can't spawn private dungeon instances across multiple servers to distribute...
  9. John3000

    DDO unavailable: Saturday March 30th

    There's a famous Charlie Chaplin quote that says : "Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease from pain." It is during hard times that a little comical relief is most needed. Once you understand that, you can actually start living :) Btw, congrats of being the 666th post.... :devilish...
  10. John3000

    DDO unavailable: Saturday March 30th

    I asked an AI bot for insight to help quell your hardware communication problems.... It seems to suggest a good old fashioned witch burning 🤣 : If you guys don't have any witches on payroll, I guess sacrificing an intern or two will do... 🤖 Good luck with the repairs. Cheers
  11. John3000

    Servers just go down ?

    Same... All worlds down. In mid raid. RIP
  12. John3000

    Update 66 Release Notes

    After live testing, this update is very disappointing. So many nerfs, it's crazy. Update 66 should be renamed update 666... :devilish: They should be keeping the game fun for ALL players... Already hard to get new players to join the game, why all these nerfs instead of focusing on content...
  13. John3000

    Dragonborn breath dissapointment

    Ok, thanks for the info. Makes sense :)
  14. John3000

    Dragonborn breath dissapointment

    I figured AOE immunity stripping made other elements irrelevant except for inherit mob vulnerabilities... for which infernal sovereign allows you to dip into the other three elements for that double damage bonus. But if you spec outside of fire, than yeah tiefling is not the best race. The...
  15. John3000

    Dragonborn breath dissapointment

    Ok, I was a bit harsh ;) Probably depends on your build / class + solo vs team play + low reaper vs high reaper ... In my personal experience I've felt the tiefling kit more useful. Tiefling gets : +2 Cha and 25 fire spellpower from core possibly +10 universal spellpower from T2 if you...
  16. John3000

    Dragonborn breath dissapointment

    This. Racial DB was already nerfed into uselessness... (dragon borns are pretty much useless now. Tiefling and other races are much better). Epic DB nerf now also makes it useless. If SSG maintains the nerf, my suggestion is to beef up the synergy between Dragon born race and the Epic...
  17. John3000

    I really miss the Evening star midwinter festival :(

    Seeing the numerous posts asking for a comeback of these old events... Have you guys considered launching a "Remembrance Weekend" with limited time access to these events ? Cheers
  18. John3000

    U66 Preview 2: Tumble Changes

    Expanding on this, it seems like we're missing a "no armor" category : 25% in heavy 50% in medium 75% in light 95% in cloth 100% if no armor or clothes (1st roll has chance to Agro / 2nd roll has chance to Confuse / 3rd and 4th roll have chance to Blind / Will Save DC 20 + Tumbling Skill)...
  19. John3000

    To SSG; The endgame and the mountain we climb

    Past lives bonuses would be great if they made them account wide bonuses, just like Elder Scrolls Online does with their Champion Point System... Like that your ALTs don't suffer, and we could experiment builds/alts much easier... Makes PUGing easier so as to switch the trapper, tank, heal...
  20. John3000

    We have a one-question survey for you!

    I doubt they can do that. The google survey was configured anonymously... It said so in the google forms if you hovered on the "Not shared" logo : No google account info sent. Google Forms just proxifies the question responses and sends them the info without your account info. But I can...