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  1. Wolvanthor

    Stealth issue...

    I love my stealth builds, but there's a very frustrating issue that I am so tired of experiencing: The alteration of sneak speed while traversing different terrain or jumping. WHY does it slow down after I cross different terrain or after I jump? I sneak at a lovely 75%, but after I jump or drop...
  2. Wolvanthor

    U68 Preview 1: Wild Mage Sorcerer Archetype

    Love new ideas! Could you include Prismatic Ray/Spray SLA's in the tree? Seems to fit the Chaotic randomness of Wild Mage :D
  3. Wolvanthor

    Wild Mage Prismatic options...

    I really want to build a Prismatic Spray/Ray Sorceror, but the SP cost is astounding. Does anyone actually use these spells? They seem so fun. I suggest adding these spells to the Wild Mage tree as SLA's. Please consider this! :) Thanks
  4. Wolvanthor

    "Energy Criticals"(Epic Past Life feat) issue...

    I recently achieved my third epic past life achievement of the "Energy Criticals" feat, which grants 3% Critical Chance with Acid, Cold, Electric, Fire, and Sonic Spells per stack of this past life. Did I bother to actually read this? Not really. Just skimmed over it. Just though, "Great, extra...
  5. Wolvanthor

    What are your motivations?

    After looking at my endless list of untouched Steam games recently, I wondered what my motivation was to constantly log into DDO over 13 years...endlessly repeating the same quests over and over, reincarnating, then repeating the same quests over and over. I know this game. I know the quests...
  6. Wolvanthor

    Epic Questing

    Just wondering if there is enough quest variety/progression to complete levels 20-32 without grinding slayer zones? Are there enough quests to actually enjoy epics all the way through? Thanks for your advice fellow geeks. 🤓
  7. Wolvanthor

    Reincarnation issue....immersion

    Your replies make sense, folks. It would be annoying if your guild and friends need to be constantly reminded of who you are....I think the solution would be to simply remind new players during character creation, that your name is permanent over many reincarnations.
  8. Wolvanthor

    Reincarnation issue....immersion

    Yes, i've learned over the years to pick completely neutral names. :sneaky: At least warn new players during character creation.
  9. Wolvanthor

    Reincarnation issue....immersion

    Hey all. Just thought it would be a great idea to have name change options during reincarnation, as you become a completely new character, with a new story. For example, if my Horc Barb was named Skullstomper, then reincarnates into a gnome wizard, it poses quite the immersion issue to keep the...
  10. Wolvanthor

    DDOCast - A DDO Podcast

    Congrats on 700+! That reminds me, does anyone have the link to Jerry's original podcast series? Can't find it anywhere.:cool:(y)
  11. Wolvanthor

    Revamp the Ninja Spy tree

    :ninja:I am having alot of fun playing the old Shuricannon build. Not interested in Reapers, but enjoying elites. Fun is priority; Sneak Attack is amazing, just send in my hireling for distraction, then mow down the room with shuriken. Next.:ninja:
  12. Wolvanthor

    HC8 rewards sneak peak *spoilers inside*

    :ninja:The reason for a 2-level lockout is so this will actually be a difficult HC season. Anyone can sleepwalk through to level 20 with a 4-level lockout. BUT I do agree with Mary on most downsides. Tough call...:unsure:
  13. Wolvanthor

    Payment method location issue

    I travel the world on a regular basis, and still have time to play DDO. Yet, when I try to purchase expansions from a different location than my billing country, I receive the error message "We're sorry, your purchase cannot be completed. Possible reasons for this may be:..." yadda yadda...
  14. Wolvanthor

    Purchasing expansions

    I realized that since I am currently in a different country, it will not process my payment. Am I not allowed to travel? My location has to be the same as my billing information?
  15. Wolvanthor

    How do I delete my thread?

    Once I find a solution to my issues, is it possible to delete my thread? Thank you.
  16. Wolvanthor

    Artwork updates

    Although most of the DDO artwork is beautiful, I must say some of it has been poorly researched before being created. Especially the background artwork with the female tattooed character wielding a yellow-electric greatsword. What DDO-related character is this? Tattoos? Strange greatsword? Also...
  17. Wolvanthor

    Purchasing expansions

    I love this game, and I have been a VIP for many years since 2008, yet when I try to purchase expansions I get that error "PURCHASE CANNOT BE COMPLETED". *Edit: Will keep trying different tactics.