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  1. Matuse

    Level 1 Gear - Best Set?

    I always XP gem my way from 1 to 2, because level 1 is terrible. I have some rando stuff I put on at 2 to do Elite Korthos, which is enough XP to get to 3. At 3 I switch to my official generic gearset, which works for basically every possible build imaginable, and this easily carries me to level...
  2. Matuse

    Lamannia Update 66 Preview 2 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    Today I went into the game, did one quest, and then logged out. This ED update has completely poisoned my enjoyment of the game. I'll keep an eye on updates as far as the freebies this year, but I'm on an extended play break from DDO now.
  3. Matuse

    Lamannia Update 66 Preview 2 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    White on pink in the destiny hp/sp core chart is unreadable.
  4. Matuse

    Update 66 Preview 2: Dragon Lord Fighter Archetype

    Honestly I expected it to get a bit reduced from preview 1, but these are all solid improvements. This is going to be a beast of a class, even if it's not the greatest for thumping red/purple names compared to Kensai.
  5. Matuse

    U66 Preview 2: Tumble Changes

    This is actually good changes, and lets tumble function for avoiding traps.
  6. Matuse

    We have a one-question survey for you!

    New player experience needs a complete and massive overhaul to account for the game as it is today. UI needs to be much friendlier. All the time I see people trying the game on Twitch and they never stick around because there's too many systems and ZERO explanation for them. Also the low level...
  7. Matuse

    Update 66 Preview 1 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    Because hirelings can't cut it, healers are hard to find, the other healing effects are HoTs and not super strong, many melees won't have a lot of spellpoints to cast things like crazy, and finding another player to do healing is often extremely difficult, all adding up to "It's either massively...
  8. Matuse

    Update 66 Preview 1 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    Yes, emphatically this.
  9. Matuse

    The problem with clerics

    Feydark: Core1 Study The Arcane 3 Feydark Explorer 1 Core2 - Wisdom You've Got My Back 1 Reality Bulwark Core3 - Greater Color Spray. 10 AP. But if you want to go crazy, then this is what you do: Core 1 -> 5 Feydark Explorer 3 Study The Arcane 3 Reality Bulwark 3 You've Got My Back 1 Wisdom 1...
  10. Matuse

    Why are Skates (frmly known as Risia Ice Sketes)

    Except that without much of anywhere to use them, who would buy them? Take off the tinfoil hat.
  11. Matuse

    Can multiple Imbue filigrees stack (several questions)?

    The wiki does mention that weapon + artifact with the same filigree will stack, and it also mentions that this is a bug and that the devs have stated that it will be fixed. Of course, the post where they said that is from June of 2021, so who knows if they even plan on still doing it. The...
  12. Matuse

    Why it's important to do your silver rolls every day...

    Yes, I'm familiar with it. The funny thing is that the results text in chat said "Uncommon prize". I guess rare is 10 sunflasks.
  13. Matuse

    Why it's important to do your silver rolls every day...

    Got this just now on a 100. Still in shock.
  14. Matuse

    Update 66 Preview 1 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    Elieri at level 3 is really good, can keep you alive up to around level 8, then you switch to Nimeth who doesn't so much heal as nuke the entire dungeon into oblivion but can also do downtime heals by manually selecting it. She's good up until about 15 when you switch to Larafey until 20.
  15. Matuse

    Update 66 Preview 1 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    Pre-20, hirelings are good enough to do healing. Post-20, they explode if an NPC looks at them funny.
  16. Matuse

    Cleaning out the old...

    Most of that stuff is severely outdated. Mithril and Adamantine armor used to be really valuable, but ever since item sets became a thing and armor is the centerpiece of most sets, random generated just doesn't cut it anymore. There might be some treasures, don't get rid of all of it without...
  17. Matuse

    Dragonlord Builds...

    Not sure if an ER will work, something to test on Lammania when the next preview happens.
  18. Matuse

    Dragonlord Builds...

    PDK needs a lesser heart to be a Dragonlord. Don't listen to anything Elminster says about anything. The class isn't even out yet and hasn't even shown up on preview 2, and it's already declared a failure? Please. When Razorclaw shifter was released it was declared to be terrible. Now it's the...
  19. Matuse

    Combine Servers

    No way to reconcile name duplication. No way to reconcile guild name duplication. No way to transfer airships. No way to transfer amenities. No way to transfer astral shards. Giant crafting banks with 800+ items inside that don't transfer and would need to be crammed into characters. Monster...
  20. Matuse

    Hey Tonquin!

    20th completion of Chronoscope, doing it on Epic Elite, and the end reward list consists of these three things: Commendations of Valor Fractured Slivers of Time Heart Seeds That can't be intentional, can it?